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Monday 12th

To contact, ask questions or send in work please email;
All children to access middle difficulty on their differentiation - When working, if you feel it is too difficult, have a go at a few questions on the easier questions. If you feel questions are easy, try the difficult questions. 



Can you create your own glossary to show the understanding of these terms;

- Right angle, Acute angle, obtuse angle, sides, symmetry, reflection, vertex, parallel.  




(Today will be the only day oak national will be refereed to for learning, use today's lesson as an extension)




Extension task; 

Can you use these contractions on the powerpoint in a range of sentences?

Could you create a story using contractions in your short story? 

Using the text to explore how Hindus can take understanding to support their choices and their path to take. 

Following the powerpoint, slide 2 will support to guide your writing. Using the sentence starters to show understanding and critical thinking about the story and message it gives.