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Money 27.4 week 6

Week 6 The Great Pet Sale!

We’re going to start our week by listening to a story. You might have this book at home. If so, go get it and turn the pages along with the video. Click the link below and let’s enjoy it together.


The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen.


Isla and I had lots of fun making our own shop. We made price tags and attached them to things we found around the house. We used tinned food, cuddly toys and pretend and real money. Watch our video we made it was lots of fun!


Our pet shop

Still image for this video

Have you got an area inside or outside where you could set up your own shop? Create posters to entice your family to come and buy something.

You could put your items from cheapest to the most expensive.

Don’t forget to give your customers a receipt. See this week’s phonic ideas to help you spell out your shop items.

Now swap and become the customer! Can you use your phonics to write a shopping list?



Reception children this week in phonics we are looking at the oo (as in boot) sound. It is another digraph (two letters that make one sound). It is the long oo sound. Have a look at the alphablocks video on youtube. The oo clip is from 4 mins 13 seconds until 6 mins 21 seconds.




This week I thought we could play a couple of phonics games. The first one is called pairs. You will need to write out the list of words below on a sheet of paper. Now write them out again on another sheet of paper. Cut out the words on both of the sheets. Turn them all over so they are face down (you can’t see the words) turn two bits of paper over at a time and see if you can find a pair. A pair would be two words that are the same. Remember to use your phonic knowledge to read the words.



The next game is to use the words again and write them on paper or on the concrete using chalk. Get a grown up to read out some of the words. If you have it written down you need to cross it off. A bit like bingo!!



Year 1

We are going to continue to use our split digraph ‘magic e’. Remember the ‘e’ gives the first vowel a long sound instead of a short sound.

For example:



Remember the ‘e’ is not really magic because it does a job but it’s much more fun to remember!

I’ve had fun using wax to magically hide the e. Have a look at the video below, keep pausing the video to read the words before you get told!



Magic e video

Still image for this video

Don’t forget to find some split digraphs in your books at home? Make a list. You could group them into vowel groups. For example: a-e words, e-e words, i-e words, o-e words and u-e words.




Have a look at the picture of Terrance’s shop.

Can you choose two or three items and add the prices together? Which items are you going to pick?

Write down the number sentence.

Year 1s have a look at the video showing how you can work out finding change from a 20p. You could also do this in your role play shop with pretend or real money. Ask a family member to buy something that is less then 20p. Can you work out how much change they will need? Is this an addition or subtraction number sentence? Can you write it as a number sentence?


 change from 20p video


Reception can you find some coins to draw around and write the number on? Can you order them from the highest number to the lowest number? Can a grown up draw around some coins (but not write the amount on) and can you guess what coin it is? Some are easier to guess than others πŸ˜‰ Extension: Can you add two of the coins together? Now can you write it as a number sentence? Don’t forget to use your coins in your role play shop.



English, Computing, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Understanding the World.

Did You Know?

There are 5 welfare needs that you need to do to make sure you look after your pet properly



Can you think of a different action for each one to help you remember them? You could send me a short video of you doing your actions!


Have you got a pet at home?

Can you tell me something about your pet?

Don’t worry if you haven’t, you could tell me about the pet you would really like or choose a cuddly friend to tell me about.

See the Teacher’s fact files below!



Mrs Eggleston's fact file

Mrs Banfield's fact file

Still image for this video

Could you make a habitat for one of your pet toys?

What could you add to their habitat to make sure that they have got their 5 welfare needs?

Have a look at my video. It is about my gerbils Anna and Elsa. 


My gerbils habitat

Still image for this video

There are some lovely songs and videos on cbeebies. Check them out using the link below. I love the video about the kittens – so cute!


Kitten songs


Computing, Understanding the World

Put your technology skills to good use by becoming a ‘Pet Photographer!’


PE, Music, Physical Development, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design.


You could get outside and set up an agility course and pretend to be the dogs at Crufts! You could even put on your own show! How about taking inspiration from Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions?

Britain's Got Talent video

Still image for this video

You could set up members of your family to be judges (don’t forget to ask them to get dressed up in their smartest outfits) and then take it in turns to perform! Who will get the golden buzzer? I’d love to see the photos!


Science, Art, Understanding the world, Expressive Arts and Design.



In Science this term we are looking at different materials. Can you find as many different types of materials as you can to create your own ‘ideal pet’ art? How many can you find? Will you use them all?

You could hunt inside and outside.

What is the best material for your art work?

Can it be changed and/or shaped to fit your animal shape? Does it give the correct texture for your animal for example; plastic could be shiny like fish scales, bark is rough like an armadillo shell or wool is soft like rabbit fur.



Create some animal art

Whatever you are up to I’d love to hear from you!

Reception children, ask your adults to post on Tapestry and Year 1’s email me using our new email address:

One last activity for you to have a go at. I would love to see some photos if you manage to do it πŸ˜‰

Have fun and stay safe, love Mrs Eggleston xxx

Animal pancakes

Still image for this video