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British Values

On Thursday 16th June, at 2.00pm, the school children congregated in the hall to sing the ‘National Anthem’ and watch the live match, ‘England vs Wales.’


The atmosphere was electric as the children watched the players passing back, driving forward and trying their hardest to score a goal for their team, resulting in a goal for Wales-in the first half!


The ‘European Tournament’ is held every 4 years and provides our British teams with the opportunity to compete with other teams from different countries. During this game, we saw England play Wales and the children enjoyed the opportunity to support the teams and witness the match first hand.


During the match, the children enjoyed a commentary provided by Mr Batey and the opportunity to share their thoughts and insights: evaluating the effectiveness of the teams, exploring possible ‘game-play’ strategies as well as predicting the outcome of the game.  


On the afternoon of Thursday 23rd June, our Year 6 children organised 3 sittings of 'afternoon tea' to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.


Parents were served with a traditional afternoon tea comprising of an array of sandwiches, home made scones with fresh whipped cream and succulent strawberries, with a wide variety of freshly made cakes. 


While parents enjoyed this sumptuous feast, that was both prepared and served by Year 6 children, they were also treated to a medley of 'Cabaret style' entertainment, including gymnastics, singing, instrumental performances and a 'flash mob' of 'The Lambeth Walk' performed by all members of our Year 6 class, as well as a heart warming rendition of the 'National Anthem' by all attendees of the 'afternoon tea.'


Well done to all of the Year 6 children, staff and parents that helped make our annual 'Bistro' such a fantastic event!