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Celebrating Cultural Diversity

During 2016-2017, we have continued to strengthen the school's contribution to community cohesion by expanding the opportunities for our pupils to interact at first-hand with their counterparts from contrasting communities.


This has included:


Our Year 4 pupils visiting an inner city Primary School to attend ‘World Diversity Day’


On Friday 11th November, whilst the rest of the school were celebrating Children in Need, our Year 4 pupils visited ‘The Avenue Primary School,’ in Leicester. Our children were invited to take part in their World Diversity day, which allowed our children to immerse themselves within a contrasting school-where they were able to interact ‘first-hand’ with its pupils.


The children were organised into groups, across the Avenue’s 10 junior classes and became part of their class, for the day! Throughout the day, our children enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the differences and similarities, between our schools and a range of cultures and religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.


Our children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and some even met with a practicing Buddhist-whilst others completed art, drama and investigative activities-linked to developing further their understanding of their place within a diverse World.


Our Year 3 pupils visiting a Hindu Temple, as part of their studies of Hinduism


On Wednesday 17th May, our Year 3 children journeyed to Leicester, to visit a Hindu Temple and experience the sights, sounds and smells of the ‘Golden Mile’.

The children’s ‘awe and wonder’ were clear to see as they explored the Hindu temple. As the tour of the mandir unfolded, the children listened to some fascinating stories, which underpin Hinduism and were taught more about living life as a Hindu. They were introduced to, and allowed to look at, a range of religious symbols such as the lotus flower and learnt more about their significance.


As the children journeyed around the mandir they were lucky enough to see, at first hand, various shrines and learnt more about how Hindus worship. Throughout the experience, the children asked some very thought-provoking questions, allowing them to further deepen their insight into the workings of a mandir and life as a Hindu as well as helping them to draw similarities with Christianity.


Following the visit to the mandir, the children were introduced to the delights and experiences of the ‘Golden Mile,’ visiting a range of shops, on Belgrave Road. The children were astonished by the beauty and intricacy of the different saris in a specialist shop, allowed to taste authentic Indian sweets in a local restaurant and given the chance to explore a small supermarket, drawing comparisons with their own previous shopping experiences.


To conclude the visit, the children were given the opportunity to view a wide range of artefacts and variety of accessories, including saris and Punjab outfits which the children took great pleasure in trying on.


Overall, the visit was a great success and further helped our children to broaden their cultural experiences!


Our Year 5 pupils visiting a Mosque, as part of their studies about Islam


On Tuesday 4th July, Year 5 pupils visited the Saint Philip's Centre, in Leicester, as part of our RE curriculum. The children were taken on a guided tour of one of the biggest mosques in Leicester, by a very informative volunteer guide called Parvis.

The children were able to go inside many different rooms and learn more about Muslim beliefs and practices including prayer, the Qur'an and Muslim school.


Back at St Philips Church, the children enjoyed the opportunity to explore and discuss some of the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.


Pupils at Barrowby CE Primary School, continue to benefit from the many opportunities they have to interact at first-hand with their counterparts from contrasting communities and deepen further, their understanding of the multi-cultural world, in which they live; as demonstrated by the many positive comments about our children’s behaviour and willingness to involve themselves with all that was on offer, on each of these visits.


A special thank you to all members of the communities we visited for making our school feel so welcome.  Thank you.