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Celebrating Cultural Diversity

During 2017-2018, we have continued to strengthen the school's contribution to community cohesion by consolidating the opportunities for our pupils to interact at first-hand with their counterparts from contrasting communities.


Our pupils continue to benefit from the many opportunities they have to interact at first-hand with their counterparts from contrasting communities and deepen further, their understanding of the multi-cultural world, in which they live:


Our Year 5 and 6 pupils learning from a visitor

On Wednesday 10th January, our Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed the ‘Indian Experience Day’ delivered by Sunita Patel, at our school.


The children enjoyed an action packed day full of dance, song and stories; which helped the children to develop further their understanding of the mythology and traditions of Hinduism and Diwali.


Both classes participated in a range of activities including: traditional Bollywood style dancing where the children had the opportunity to dress in traditional Indian attire, as they enjoyed the beautiful music.


Afterwards, our Year 5 pupils created some wonderful Rangoli artwork whilst our Year 6 pupils explored further ‘challenging stereotypes’ in India exploring further the Indian culture.


Our Year 3 pupils visiting a Hindu Temple, as part of their studies of Hinduism

On Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th June, our Year 3 pupils enjoyed the annual visit to Leicester where they enjoyed a wonderful day out visiting a Mandir and the Golden Mile. At the start of the day the children were greeted by Mr Chettle from the St Philip’s Centre, who helped to facilitate the visit, and took the children into one of Leicester’s many Hindu temples.


The children were immediately met with a warm welcome and invited to enter the main part of the temple where many local Hindu’s were singing and offering gifts to the gods and goddesses to celebrate the end of Holy month. What a wonderful treat to the senses, beautiful colours, sounds and smells were a delight. The children rang the bell to alert Brahman that they had come to visit and then spent time exploring all of the idols in the temple. Following this, there was a chance for the children to ask questions and find out more about life as a Hindu.


In the afternoon, the children then had the chance to explore the Golden Mile and buy Sari’s, food, Indian sweets and bracelets. Everywhere they went, they were greeted as friends and we were very surprised by some of the vegetables we came across in ‘Popats Grocery Store.’


Pupils at Barrowby CE Primary School, continue to benefit from the many opportunities they have to interact at first-hand with their counterparts from contrasting communities and deepen further, their understanding of the multi-cultural world, in which they live; as demonstrated by the many positive comments about our children’s behaviour and willingness to involve themselves with all that was on offer, on each of these visits.


“I would also like to say a huge thank you for a really wonderful school visit on Tuesday. The children were very well behaved and a pleasure to be with. The visit itself was fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as did the children.”

Parent Volunteer-Mrs Handley


Our Year 5 pupils visiting a Mosque, as part of their studies about Islam

On Tuesday 3rd July, our Year 5 pupils were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit a Mosque and the St. Philips Centre, in Leicester, in support of their Religious Education studies.


During the day, the children spent time at a Mosque where they had the opportunity to speak to a Muslim faith practitioner and learn a little bit more about the history and development of Islam. They were fascinated by the stillness and tranquillity of the building and everyone enjoyed having the opportunity to explore more about the faith they have been studying in the Summer term.


The children then visited the St. Philips Church where they broadened our understanding by making comparisons between Islam and Christianity in relation to practices, places of worship and the culture of the different religions. It was interesting to see how many similarities there are between the religions of Islam and Christianity.


Opportunities like these, support our children to develop mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. In today’s multi-cultural world, it is important that we continue to support our children to develop respect and tolerance.


Respect and tolerance of others are vital in any civilised society, and have long been a key part of being British citizens. It is of the greatest importance that our children learn to understand and respect each other, and other members of our local and wider community.


A special thank you to all members of the communities we visited for making our school feel so welcome.  Thank you.