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Exceptional Performances at Arts Festival

On Friday 28th February, Barrowby CE Primary school entered the annual Colsterworth Performing Arts Festival, held at the Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham.  This year we took an amazing 153 children and competed in 8 classes: Orchestra, Advanced Recorders, Key Stage 1 Choir & Choral Speaking; Key Stage 2 Choir & Choral Speaking; Y5 & 6 Drama and the Y5 & 6 Educational Dance.


It was a truly memorable experience enabling all pupils to ‘shine’ and dazzle the audience and other schools present.  The results are:

· Orchestra 2nd Place

· Key Stage 1 Choir 2nd Place

· Key Stage 1 Choral Speaking 1st Place

· Key Stage 2 Choir 1st Place

· Y5 & 6 Choral Speaking 1st Place

· Y5 & 6 Drama 1st Place

· Y5 & 6 Dance 1st Place

· Recorders 1st Place


The performances started with our school's Orchestra.  They performed two pieces of music- Jogtrot and Lament-2 classical pieces.  Coming 2nd to Grantham Preparatory School who performed the 'Spiderman' theme tune and a jazz/blues number.


Following that, our youngest children-our Key Stage 1 Choir performed beautifully their two numbers and were awarded 2nd place.  Later on in the day, they performed again in the Key Stage 1 Choral Speaking class for the 1st time; and were awarded 1st place.  Well done  The adjudicator noted,


"Super work, with a delightful interpretation of this amusing poem."


Afterwards our Recorder group performed, Claire De La Lune and A Teenager In Love and gained 1st place with two skilful performances.


Our Key Stage 2 Choir performed next.  This is a category that previously we have won 6 years in a row, however for the last 2 years we have come 2nd to Colsterworth Primary School.  This did not deter us.  In fact, with our 'can do' attitude we have continued to 'strive for excellence', with our largest choir to date.  Just under 100 children performed in this class: He Lives in You and Just Be You (our Christmas Charity single).  We are delighted to announce we came 1st in this class. 


The adjudicators were astounded with our school-using words such as ‘exceptional’ to describe our pupils and their performances.  To those of you that attended and supported the children and for the children and staff that were present, we hope that you agree-it was a very special day.  One in which we should all be proud.  With the realisation that we were awarded 1st place came a sense of excitement and pride.  A truly magical performance by our Key Stage 2 Choir.


Our Dance Club ventured next onto the floor with an interpretation of 'Romeo and Juliet'.  The adjudicator for this class commented,


"What fantastic story telling, with clear movement and facial expressions.  Great choice of music, a very, very enjoyable performance.  Well done."


Resulting in the children being awarded 1st place for the 4th consecutive year.


Next up, our Year 5 and 6 Drama group.  55 children competed in this class representing our school performing an adaptation of 'The Wizard Of Oz.'  The children were brilliant performing to a packed audience, leading to 1st place in this class for 3rd consecutive year.  The adjudicator of this class noted,


"A very well controlled and imaginative performance-which led to a powerful ending from the Wizard.  Superb."


The final performance of the day was our Year 5 & 6 Choral Speaking group, performing 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by Roald Dahl.' One word describes this performance-'outstanding!'  The adjudicator wrote:


"Excellent!  Well disciplined, well controlled, well performed.  ALL worked together as a real team performance-great contrasts of volume, pace and pitch.  OUTSTANDING!  You really used the music of the voices e.g. eyes"


We were awarded 1st place for the 9th consecutive year.  Wow.


Towards the end of the day, the adjudicator's thanked all the school's for attending and went on to describe the school that would be awarded 'Best Performance' trophies.  We were amazed to be awarded 'Best Drama Performance' for our Choral Speaking and drama entries as well as the Growler Shield for the 'Best Overall School Performance.'  A total of 8 trophies, wow!


The Performing Arts is such an important area of our curriculum-linked to all 3 of our school’s core values: Creativity, Respect and Independence.  They help to promote confidence and raise self-esteem, fostering a sense of team work and cooperation across all areas, so that the children are better able to make use of the experiences of our school.


Indeed children from our Year 5 classes commented:


"Performances like this help to develop my confidence, it's quite amazing because it really helps me with my learning.  I love it!"


as well as:


"I haven't had the chance to perform in a drama before, so I thought I'd give it a go.  I really enjoyed performing as the scarecrow."


We should all be proud of what we have achieved.  One of our Year 6 pupils who has performed in the festival for the last 4 years commented,


"It's kind of like a grasp of freedom, it's a day that you get to do whatever you can such as acting and singing and you get sucked into that performance......


This Festival has been such a big part of my school life, so its quite surreal to think that this is the last time I get to perform at the festival. I was quite emotional on the day."


During the festival, our school-its children, staff and parents 'shone' like beacons.


Thank you to all those who have supported the pupils with this opportunity-it really does mean a lot to the children.