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Going for Gold!

Sport continues to be a high priority for us.  As a Healthy school with enhanced status, we continually seek ways to promote active and healthy lifestyles for all our children both within school and beyond. 


As a result of this drive, on Wednesday 12th October, Barrowby CE Primary School was awarded the School Games-Gold Mark; recognising and celebrating the quality and range of competitive and extra-curricular sport, available, at our school, for all our children.

Last year, 2015-2016 was a golden year for us.  Our school’s Sport’s Committee organised, with the support of Mrs Banfield, 8 intra-school competitions.  These opportunities encourage all our children, irrespective of age or gender to engage and compete in a range of fun and active competitions-giving all our children the opportunity to take part in competitive sport. 


Events included Christmas Potted Sports, a series of House Swimming Championships, the Key Stage 1 Cricket Tournament, Key Stage 2 Football Tournament, a Mass 100m Relay and our annual Sports Day. 


We also participated in 11 inter-school competitions, where many of our children represented our school, in various teams competing with other children from the local or the regional area.  This covered a wide range of sport competitions including indoor and outdoor Athletics, Badminton, Gymnastics, Netball, Rounders, Swimming, and the annual Mini-Olympics event. 


As a school we continue to, “strive for excellence” in all that we do.  Last year, we came 11th in Rounders (12th in 2014-2015); our Girl’s Football team came 4th in their league; our school was placed 3rd overall, at the Large School Athletics event (5th in 2014-2015) placing Boys in 3rd and Girls overall 1st place; we came 1st in our Netball league and 60 swimmers, including staff, parents, pupils and former pupils participated in the Swim Marathon.  They swam a total of 1204 lengths—66 more than last year (an increase for the fourth consecutive year).  We were also thrilled and delighted to win the Large School’s Swim Gala and the Swimming Relay, for the 2nd consecutive year!


Through an extensive program of activities, available both within and outside of our curriculum, we are committed to encouraging our pupils to lead healthy and active lives.  Last year, we employed 13 sport coaches across a range of sporting activities who worked alongside our pupils, supporting them to develop their skills and fostering ‘a love of sport.’


As well as this, we organised 38 sport related extra-curricular clubs, across the year for our children to enjoy:

  • In autumn term 2015, we offered 11 sport related clubs (3 more than Autumn 2014).
  • In Spring 2016, we offered 7 sport related clubs (the same amount as Spring 2015).
  • In Summer 2016, we offered, 20 Sport related clubs/activities (almost double Summer 2015) 11 led by teachers/coaches and 9 led by pupils.


Throughout 2015-2016, Pupil Leadership continued to be a priority for us, encouraging even more pupils to ‘take the lead,’ sharing their passion and skills, inspiring others in a range of sport. This resulted in 20 children (11 x Y6-32% of class; 8 x Y5-24% of class and 1 x Y4-3% of class) from across Key Stage 2, organising and leading sport clubs.

At Barrowby CE Primary School, we are committed to encouraging all our pupils to lead full and active lives, both within school and beyond and are delighted to have been awarded the highest award-Gold, in the School Games Mark. 


“I am very pleased to endorse the School Games mark application from Barrowby CE Primary School and am able to confirm that they have fulfilled the criteria to receive the Gold award this year.  It is just reward for all their outstanding hard work this year, in supporting the School Games Organiser nitiatives.”                               

Terry Plumb-School Games Organiser


We hope you share our pride, for our school and its pupils, in being nationally recognised for the quality and range of our competitive and extra-curricular sport.  To learn more about sport provision at Barrowby CE Primary School, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you to everyone: school staff, pupils, specialist sport coaches and parents for guiding, supporting and inspiring our children to shine!