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Roots to Food Event

Roots to Food’ Event

On Tuesday 26th January, Darren Tinkler of Roots to Food spent the day working with the whole school, the focus being healthy eating and nutrition. Firstly, Key Stage 2 took part in a workshop ‘in a Ready Steady Cook style’ competition. Mrs Webster led the orange team and Mrs Silby led the green team, ably assisted by a group of children, as Commis chefs.  Children learnt about the different food types, what a balanced diet consists of and how to eat healthily. They learnt that breakfast is indeed as the most important meal of the day, helping us all to concentrate and giving us energy.


The orange team carefully prepared ‘Pan Fried Chicken and Tomato Pesto.’ The finishing presentation:  in the colours of the Italian flag. The green team took up the challenge of making ‘Cheese and Chive Salmon Fishcakes’ with the rice being presented as a sandcastle. Both teams were supported by their mentor Mrs Hardwick who prepared the vegetables beforehand for both teams. The final vote was provided by the audience and the green team won, but it was a closely fought battle.


In the afternoon, Key Stage 1 started their workshop with activities that burn energy, expertly demonstrated by Mr Tinkler who managed a perfect pike, tuck jump and 360 degree rotation in the air. Next, the children learnt how much a portion of your five a day consists of (a cup of your hand), followed by children making of a fruity ‘Smoothie.’ This contained orange and apple juice, bananas, melon and blueberries. The delicious finished product was tasted by all of the children.


Finally, the evening workshop for parents continued with information about healthy eating and nutrition. Mrs Parnaby and Mrs Crane kindly volunteered to participate in the making of delicious ‘Cajun Meatballs,’ which were then devoured by parents and children alike. The whole school learnt so much about food and were provided with important healthy eating messages.


All children will also be given a  Change 4 Life Sugar Smart pack to bring home, and will be  following up their healthy eating workshops by becoming ‘Food Detectives’ in class, using a range of Change 4 Life  resources; developing further our healthy school’s ethos