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School Update 15 - 1st April 2020

Please be mindful that the most effective way to communicate with the school is through email: as there is no guarantee there will be a member of staff on hand to answer the telephone due to the reduction in staff working in school, during this time.


Please visit the Home Learning Guidance, as well as the individual Class Pages on a daily basis as new resources are being added.  The teachers are working very hard signposting resources and ensuring there is a range of resources for you to ‘pick n mix’ during the Home Learning Days:


  • Mrs Banfield-NEW:  Week 2-Resources-‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ snacks





  • Ms Webster-NEW:  Week 2-Daily Story Videos available


  • Mr Caton-NEW:  Week 2- Food Challenge



  • Miss Lees-NEW: Week 2-Resources-‘Wacky Scientists and inventions’ theme


NEW today:  A message from Miss Swatton:


Look up into the night sky this week and you just might see the International Space Station (ISS) passing over Grantham!


It's been visible for the last few days, but cloudy skies have made it difficult to see in some parts of the country. However, over the next few nights you will have plenty of opportunities to spot it.


Look out in the skies on Wednesday, April 1, and Friday, April 3, at 9.30pm and a little earlier on Thursday, April 2, and Saturday, April 4, at 8.45pm.


Good luck!


NEW today:  A message from Miss Kirk:


Last term, at school we read the book Who Let the Gods Out. Well now, it's time for the sequel! Simply the Quest by Maz Evans.


Check the Class Page each week to see if any new chapters have been added!


Each ‘chapter video’ has got a challenge for you to attempt at the end of  that chapter. See how many challenges you can complete across the week!  Enjoy.


NEW today:


  1. Daily Challenges by Mr Batey


If you feel able, why not have a go at the ‘Mr Batey’s Daily Challenges?’  Today you can choose from:

  • Challenge 1-Skipping,
  • Challenge 2-Running and
  • Challenge 3-Daisy Chain
  • Challenge 4-Step ups
  • Challenge 5-Hand Clapping featuring Miss Lees & Miss Swatton
  • NEW:  Challenge 6-Bounce Clapping


Why not give them a go?  CLICK HERE.  Well done to all who have attempted the challenges!


      2.  The Easter Story


 For those of you who would like to take time to reflect upon the Easter Story, Michael Buckeridge (one of our regular visitors, who delivers Collective Worship) has created a series of 4 short videos re-telling the Easter Story.


 Videos available are:


  • Video 1 - The Easter Story - by MIchael Buckeridge
  • Video 2 - The Easter Story - by MIchael Buckeridge
  • NEW this week:  Video 3 - The Easter Story - by Michael Buckeridge



In addition, today we have added a range of resources and web-links to support those who may be worried or anxious, at this time:


  1. Health & Well Being


Please find below a range of resources available to help you at this time:

  • Coronavirus & Well Being
  • Coronavirus - How to protect your mental health
  • Headspace - Meditation for Children
  • Yoga - Cosmic Kids


     2.  Supporting Each other During the Coronavirus


A Children's Guide to Understanding the Coronavirus

  • Talking to Children about the Coronavirus
  • Place 2 Be - Helpful advice
  • Young Minds - Talking to your child/ren about the Coronavirus


Easter Bonnet - Invitation for all Reception Children


This week, we were due to hold our annual Easter Service where our Reception children are asked to make an Easter Bonnet and join us in the church for an Easter Bonnet Parade.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this service will no longer take place.


However, we can ask our Reception children to take part in a 'virtual parade' perhaps. 


For those parents and children who would like to take part, here's what we would like you to do:


  • Over the coming days-make an Easter Bonnet at home;
  • Take a photograph of your child wearing the Easter Bonnet; and
  • Email the photograph to  by Wednesday 1st April.


Please note if you e-mail your child/ren's photograph to school-you provide permission for the image to be posted onto the school website.  No children's names will be used in the slideshow.  Image only.


Each photograph received, will be added to a slideshow available to view on our school website.   


Even the forced school closure, doesn’t dampen the Barrowby Spirit!  We look forward to seeing our Reception children's 'virtual Easter Bonnet Parade.’


Remember to ‘pick n mix’ your daily activities, as well as keeping up to date with the new resources appearing on the Class Pages as well as the Home Learning Guidance.


All communications e.g. emails, letters, texts from school will be through our ParentmailPMX service.  If you have any queries regarding school please email: 


We will continue to support our school community as best we can.


Stay safe.