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School Update 18 - 6th April 2020

During this very difficult time, our school continues to be open through the Easter holiday period, inclusive of the Bank Holidays for our most vulnerable children and the children of key workers, who are unable to work from home.


The Government have clearly stated:


Critical workers are defined as parents whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response, including those who work in health and social care and in other critical sectors.


However, many parents working in these critical sectors will be able to ensure their child is kept at home.


Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. 


Therefore, if children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.


Please be mindful that the most effective way to communicate with the school is through email: as there is no guarantee there will be a member of staff on hand to answer the telephone due to the reduction in staff working in school, during this time.


Please visit the individual Class Pages as new resources are being added.  Moving forward, teachers have been asked to update their Class Pages weekly-providing new ‘weekly topics’ with accompanying tasks/challenges for the children to enjoy.


The teachers are working very hard signposting resources and ensuring there is a range of resources for you to ‘pick n mix’ from during the Home Learning Days, on their Class Pages:







  • Mr Caton-NEW:  Week 3 – Easter themed work.



Please also remember to visit the Home Learning Guidance of the school website for e-links and resources to use at this time.


NEW today:


  1. Keeping Your Child Safe while using the Internet at Home


While children are learning at home, they will inevitably be accessing a range of online resources and content via the internet.


During this unprecedented time of school closure and isolation, we would like to do our very best to keep our pupils safe and support parents in order to do so, while working online, at home. 


 Please visit our updated E-Safety Guidance section of the school website for helpful advice and how to keep your child/ren safe.


  1. Cookery Ideas


Can't get out to grab ingredients? Don't worry, ASDA have come up with some of their favourite recipes that rely on the ingredients we always have hanging around.


  1. The Easter Story


 For those of you who would like to take time to reflect upon the Easter Story, Michael Buckeridge (one of our regular visitors, who delivers Collective Worship) has created a series of 4 short videos re-telling the Easter Story.


 Videos available are:


  • Video 1 - The Easter Story - by MIchael Buckeridge
  • Video 2 - The Easter Story - by MIchael Buckeridge
  • Video 3 - The Easter Story - by Michael Buckeridge
  • NEW this week: Video 4 – The Easter Story – by Michael Buckeridge


Over Holy Week, there will be daily messages from different members of the Bishop’s Staff for all those who wish to engage with the Christian traditions of Easter:

  • Palm Sunday - Bishop Nicholas
  • Monday 6th April - Archdeacon Justine
  • Tuesday 7th April - Jackie Waters-Dewhurst
  • Wednesday 8th April - Archdeacon Gavin
  • Thursday 9th April - Archdeacon Mark
  • Good Friday 10th April - Dean Christine
  • Holy Saturday 11th April - David Dadswell


Why not try:


  1. Daily Challenges by Mr Batey-listed in the Physical Activities


Today you can choose from:

  • Challenge 1-Skipping,
  • Challenge 2-Running
  • Challenge 3-Daisy Chain
  • Challenge 4-Step ups
  • Challenge 5-Hand Clapping featuring Miss Lees & Miss Swatton
  • Challenge 6-Bounce Clapping featuring Mrs Kay
  • Challenge 7-Tennis ‘wall’ bounce
  • Challenge 8-Balancing Skills
  • NEW:  Challenge 9-Wildflower Hunt


Why not give them a go?   Well done to all who have attempted all the challenges!


In addition, we have been looking for ways to create a dialogue between the children at home and their teachers.  Some of you have been adding work and posts to Tapestry, if your child is in Reception and others have started sending work to the teachers through the


From today, all teachers have been issued with a new e-mail, these are:



Please use these emails to respond to the teachers weekly challenges/activities. 


Please do not use for sharing work. 


The teachers will monitor the new inboxes and respond if needed.  In this way, there can be a greater dialogue between our Home learners and their teachers.  I hope that our parents and children will use this in the spirit it was created for: a sharing platform to celebrate pupil achievement at home.


Any queries regarding any other aspect of school e.g. booking Emergency Childcare provision or food boxes, or wanting to bring something to my attention, should be done through


Remember to ‘pick n mix’ your daily activities, as well as keeping up to date with the new resources appearing on the Class Pages and the Home Learning Guidance.


All communications e.g. emails, letters, texts from school will be through our ParentmailPMX service.  If you have any queries regarding school please email: 


We will continue to support our school community as best we can.


Stay safe.