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School Update 21 - 9th April 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians


I hope you are all enjoying the sun shine and making the most of the dry weather.  The Easter ‘holidays’ have started, despite the current national emergency.  Some of you will be taking this opportunity to reflect as a family, on the message of Easter. 


Please CLICK HERE to view the Daily Easter Message-today from Archdeacon Mark and HERE for those wishing to watch the latest episode of the Easter Story presented by Michael Buckeridge.


I hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend. 


Please also remember to visit the updated sections of the school website for e-links and resources to use at home during the forced school closure:


On Monday 6th April 2020, the teachers added new content to each of their class pages. This week’s theme is predominately ‘Easter’ based, as you can imagine.  We hope that you and your child/ren enjoy the opportunities that have been provided:






  • Mrs Webster-NEW:  Week 3 – Easter and Easter crafts with children’s work Slideshow-celebrating ‘home learning.’


  • Mr Caton- NEW:  Week 3 – Easter themed work with a Kahoot Quiz



  • Miss Lees-NEW: Week 3 – Google Geography Project plus 'Home Science Experiments Video featuring Miss Swatton, Miss Kirk and Miss Lees'


Next week, the Class Pages will be updated on Tuesday 14th April. 


NEW today:


1. Easter Bonnet Parade


Our Reception children were invited to make their very own Easter Bonnet, at home over the last week or so.  If you would like to view our remote ‘Easter Bonnet Parade’ then please CLICK HERE.  Thank you to those families who have sent in their photographs.


For those parents and children who would still like to take part, here's what we would like you to do:

  • Today-make an Easter Bonnet at home;
  • Take a photograph of your child wearing the Easter Bonnet; and
  • Email the photograph to  by the end of Thursday 9th April.


We will do our very best to upload each photograph that is sent through to the Easter Bonnet Parade.


Please note if you e-mail your child/ren's photograph to school-you provide permission for the image to be posted onto the school website.  No children's names will be used in the slideshow.  Image only. 


2. Daily Challenges by Mr Batey-listed in the Physical Activities


Today you can choose from:

  • Challenge 1-Skipping,
  • Challenge 2-Running
  • Challenge 3-Daisy Chain
  • Challenge 4-Step ups
  • Challenge 5-Hand Clapping featuring Miss Lees & Miss Swatton
  • Challenge 6-Bounce Clapping featuring Mrs Kay
  • Challenge 7-Tennis ‘wall’ bounce
  • Challenge 8-Balancing Skills
  • Challenge 9-Wildflower Hunt
  • Challenge 10 – Alphabet Challenge
  • Challenge 11 – Natural Artwork
  • NEW: Challenge 12 - Balancing


Why not give them a go?   Well done to all who have attempted all the challenges!


Please be mindful that the most effective way to communicate with the school over the Easter period is through email: as there is no guarantee there will be a member of staff on hand to answer the telephone due to the reduction in staff working in school, during this time.


All communications e.g. emails, letters, texts from school will be through our ParentmailPMX service.  If you have any queries regarding school please email: 


We will continue to support our school community as best we can.  Happy Easter everyone!


Stay safe.