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School Update 22 - 10th April 2020

Today, is Good Friday and the start of the Easter weekend.  Some of you will be taking this opportunity to reflect as a family, on the message of Easter. 


Please CLICK HERE to view the Daily Easter Message-today from the Dean of Lincoln Cathedral and HERE for those wishing to watch the latest episode of the Easter Story presented by Michael Buckeridge.


A message from Kate Waghorn-school Governor and Bishop’s Visitor:


Happy Easter everyone – this is very different from what we are used to (and this is certainly true of us 'at' church!), but it's in times of adversity that we see what is really important - and that our love for one another can give us strength and help us overcome even the most difficult challenges - which is part of what we celebrate at Easter. 


If anyone would like to 'join' us, our Easter services can be found on our website   


'The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it'


In addition, some of our Reception children have also created their very own Easter Bonnets, at home over the last week or so.  If you would like to view our remote ‘Easter Bonnet Parade’ then please CLICK HERE.  Thank you to those families who have sent in their photographs.


Please be reminded that the Class Pages will be updated on Tuesday 14th April.


If the sunshine continues, you might want to try the Daily Challenges by Mr Batey- listed in the Physical Activities.


Today you can choose from:

  • Challenge 1-Skipping,
  • Challenge 2-Running
  • Challenge 3-Daisy Chain
  • Challenge 4-Step ups
  • Challenge 5-Hand Clapping featuring Miss Lees & Miss Swatton
  • Challenge 6-Bounce Clapping featuring Mrs Kay
  • Challenge 7-Tennis ‘wall’ bounce
  • Challenge 8-Balancing Skills
  • Challenge 9-Wildflower Hunt
  • Challenge 10 – Alphabet Challenge
  • Challenge 11 – Natural Artwork
  • Challenge 12 – Balancing
  • NEW: Challenge 13 - Hopscotch


Why not give them a go?   Well done to all who have attempted all the challenges!  Please do let me know how you get along with these challenges-let’s get active!


We will continue to support our school community as best we can and will write to you again on Easter Monday with further updates.  Happy Easter everyone!


I hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend. 


Stay safe.