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School Update 30 - 22nd April 2020

Remember, as you begin the ‘new term’ and continue to support your child/ren with their home-learning I would like to encourage you to ‘reach out’ to your child’s class teacher, at least once a week


This could be simply to:

  • confirm that ‘all is well’ at home and your child is happy with the tasks that they are doing;
  • to share some work with your child’s teacher; or
  • to ask for further support around a particular activity.


The teachers and I remain on-hand to support you through these times.  Please use these e-mails:



Please be aware that if you send photographs of children or of their work, we would like to use these in ‘slideshows’ which will be viewed on each class page of the school website, as a way of sharing and celebrating pupil’s work, at home unless you state otherwise. 


In addition, starting this week, we intend to award ‘Home Learning-Star of the Week’ certificates for those children/parents who share work with their class teachers.  Certificates will be sent to children at the start of a week e.g. in a Friday’s School Update I will endeavour to list the children who have been identified during the week for producing good quality work at home and they will receive a PDF of their certificate on the following Monday.


In this way, we hope to encourage an even greater dialogue between home and school.


To help you at home to support your child/ren, we are going to use our school’s Video Sharing Platform which can be found on the ‘Children’s Tab’ of the school website to provide demonstrations and examples of methods etc.  As and when the teachers receive request for support from parents they will endeavour to create a short Video and post it in this section of the school’s website. 


Periodically, as part of the daily School Update, I will signpost the Video content available to support our parents, at home.  CLICK HERE to view the videos available.


NEW activities today:


  1. Daily Challenges by Mr Batey


You can choose from challenges 1-21. Today’s challenge can be completed either inside or out:

  • NEW:  Challenge 21 – Bouncing


   2. Singing - Out of the Ark


During this challenging time, Out of the Ark Music,  are doing all they can to make their resources available to you for use at home, for as long as they can.


So, to help with the rhythms and routines of your new daily life, they are releasing seven songs, one for each day, all with challenges and activities related to each song. Every week for the next few weeks we will continue to add songs and resources.  Why not visit the page and sing along at home-a new song each day!


REMINDER: Competition - Design a T-Shirt Logo


One of our Inspire+ Sports Ambassadors, Jonathon Broom-Edwards has set a challenge for children to design a logo for his mascot, Stitch.


The winning logo will not only be created on a t-shirt for Stitch but will also become the logo for Jonathan’s forthcoming charity.


Jonathan will choose a winner from each of the Inspire+ schools who will receive a signed piece of Team GB clothing from himself before selecting the over-all winner.  


If you would like to learn more about the competition please view the video below:

  • Competition-Design a T-Shirt Logo for Inspire+ Ambassador Jonathon Broom-Edwards


Why not give them a go?  


I know that these are uncertain times for us all but we are on-hand to support you at this difficult time. 


Remember, reach-out to your child’s class teacher they’re waiting to hear from you.


Stay safe.


A message from Jennie Fytche:


Hello Children (and Parents),


It’s Mrs Fytche, (Jennie) from LightSpace, saying a great big Hello to you all. I miss coming into school to spend time with you in collective worship,( listening to your great singing), or see you in lunchtime and after school clubs, and RE workshops. I am missing seeing you so thought I would write you a letter instead. I hope you all had a good Easter at home and didn’t eat too much chocolate.


I hope you are keeping really well at home, I expect many of you are in touch with your teachers who are giving you some fun activities to do at home. I am sure many of you are doing the Joe Wicks workout each day – goodness I can’t keep up with him, I know you will all be amazing, I can’t wait to see some of your moves when we are back at school.


I wonder do you clap at 8.00pm on a Thursday for our great NHS, (some of you might have gone to bed by then)... I often clap then for the teachers too because they are doing an amazing job too don’t you think?


I am sure you have been enjoying being at home, maybe you have learnt a new skill!


Each week I pop a list of fun activities onto our website Your parents will be able to have a look under latest news tab maybe there is something fun you can do at home instead of in school.


Make sure you listen to your mums and dads, have fun, relax, chill, sing, dance, and exercise.


In Collective Worship we often talk about Christians believing Jesus is with us even when things are hard or different. Maybe remember this when you are missing everyone from school.


With love from LightSpace


Jennie Fytche