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School Update 35 - 29th April 2020

I understand that these are unprecedented times, with many children at home missing school, their friends and teachers.  Unfortunately, with the forced school closure and the state of national emergency it does not look like it will be easing.


If you haven’t already done so for this week,   please contact your child’s class teacher. 


This could be simply to:

  • confirm that ‘all is well’ at home and your child is happy with the tasks that they are doing;
  • to share some work with your child’s teacher; or
  • to ask for further support around a particular activity.


The teachers and I remain on-hand to support you through these times.  Please use the e-mails:



Some of our Year 6 parents may be beginning to worry about their child’s transition to secondary school, as school’s continue to be closed. 


Traditionally, transition meetings and visits tend to take place in July.  As we are only in April/May we have some time before those visits are scheduled to take place.  Optimistically, I would hope that schools are open again to facilitate these activities for their children.


As time goes by and we better understand how long schools are closed for, I am confident that the secondary schools will confirm the transition arrangements for our Year 6 children moving to Year 7 and will contact their parents and primary schools to share that information.  At this stage, we wait to hear from the Secondary Schools.


Of course, we are also beginning to plan for the induction of our new Reception cohort, joining us in September 2020.  We will be writing to all those families, in due course, welcoming them all to Barrowby CE Primary School as well as sharing the induction arrangements for this year.


I would like to reassure you that we will continue to support all our parents and their children as best we can. 


To that end, we would like to signpost a FREE online webinar for our Year 6 parents: Building Your Child’s Confidence to Thrive at Secondary School-Despite the Lockdown.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more.


NEW Today:


Daily Challenges by Mr Batey


You can choose from challenges 1-26. Today’s challenge can be completed either inside or out:

NEW:  Challenge 26 – Lifting Your Legs


Virtual Athletics Competition

Mr Plumb, our school’s Sport’s Games Organiser has arranged a series of virtual competition for our children to participate in, during the forced school closure. The first Primary Competition is Athletics.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more.


Football Toilet Roll Challenge

To celebrate this week’s ‘weekly bite’ for Year 5 and 6: The Beautiful Game, some of the staff decided to take on the ‘Football Toilet Roll Challenge!’ CLICK HERE to view the video.  How many do you recognise?


If you would like to get involved and be in the video, then send your ‘own video’ over to your class teacher at their email address.  Remember to get your parents help and permission to record your video. Your class teacher will then post an updated video, next week with your videos added on!


All you have to do is catch a toilet roll from your left, show off some skills, then throw it to your right! We can't wait to see what you send!  Have fun.


Why not give them a go?  


I know that these are uncertain times for us all but we will continue to support our school community as best we can.    


Stay safe.