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School Update 38 - 4th May 2020

We now enter Week 7 of the forced school closure, isolation and lock-down.  This new situation is slowly becoming the ‘new normal’, working from home and ensuring social distance measures are in place. 


Yet, we are hopeful that soon, we can come back together as a school family.  Over the last week, the entire school staff have been creating a video message for our school community with the simple message, ‘We miss you and keep going.’ 


We’ve used our school song, ‘Just Be You’ which was recorded in the Autumn term and features all our school children, with images from the school staff.  We hope you enjoy watching our message to you-we miss you all.  Please CLICK HERE to view.


Food Boxes ordered for this week will be delivered to school on Tuesday 5th May 2020 and can be collected from 12.30pm until 3.45pm, tomorrow.


Today, the teachers will upload this week’s ‘weekly bite’ which will help parents to explore the topics in manageable ‘bite-size’ chunks.  This week the children can look forward to a whole-school themed week, learning about:


  • Mrs Banfield-NEW:  Week 7 - Weekly bite: VE Day 75th Anniversary


  • Mrs Eggleston-NEW:  Week 6 - Weekly bite: VE Day 75th Anniversary



  • Miss Sugden-NEW:  Week 7 - Weekly bite: VE Day 75th Anniversary


  • Mrs Webster-NEW:  Week 7 - Weekly bite: VE Day 75th Anniversary


  • Mr Caton-NEW:  Week 7 - Weekly bite: VE Day 75th Anniversary



  • Miss Lees-NEW: Week 7 - Weekly bite:  VE Day Celebrations


Don’t forget, you can also access regular daily lessons in English and Maths, as well as other core subjects, in a new version of the BBC Bitesize website, as well as from the new Oak National Academy. 


For those children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 you can also access free daily Phonics Lessons.  All links available on your child’s class page.


Please feel free to ‘pick n mix’ these online resources which will supplement the school’s Home Learning Guidance as well as the individual content available on the Class Pages.


I would like to ask you all to contact your child’s class teacher this week and at least once a week, moving forward. 


This could be simply to:

  • confirm that ‘all is well’ at home and your child is happy with the tasks that they are doing;
  • to share some work with your child’s teacher; or
  • to ask for further support around a particular activity.


The teachers and I remain on-hand to support you through these times.  Please use the e-mails:



NEW Today:


Football Toilet Roll Challenge


Last week, we invited all those interested in contributing to the ‘Football Toilet Roll Challenge’ by recording a video and sending it in to their child’s class teacher.  Thank you to all those who took part.  Please CLICK HERE to view the new updated video.


Maths Video Support


This week, Miss Kirk (Year 5 ) has created some Multiplication tutorials, to support her class.  They include support with:


Times Tables Rock Star


On Tuesday 5th May, our Year 6 children and staff are invited to a ‘Times Table Rockstar Battle,’ taking place in the Arena, at 10.00am.  Miss Lees will be taking part and challenging the Year 6 children.  Good luck everyone, we look forward to hearing the results.


Daily Challenges by Mr Batey


You can choose from challenges 1-29. Today’s challenge can be completed either inside or out:

  • NEW:  Challenge 29 – Arm Circles


Cookery Ideas


 Why not look at these recipe cards, this week:


Why not give them a go?  


I know that these are uncertain times for us all but we will continue to support our school community as best we can.    


Stay safe.