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Success at Arts Festival

On Friday 24th February 2017, Barrowby CE Primary School competed in the annual ‘Colsterworth Performing Arts Festival’, at the Meres Leisure Centre.  This year, we took 121 children from Years 1 to Year 6. 


Our school competed in a range of classes, including: Key Stage 1 Vocal Ensemble; Key Stage 2 Vocal Ensemble; Y3 & 4 Choral Speaking; Y5 & 6 Choral Speaking; Y5 & 6 Recorders; Y5 & 6 Educational Dance and the Instrumental Ensemble (without vocals).


Our children were a real credit to our school and performed brilliantly.  We are delighted to announce:

· Key Stage 1 Choir                                          -  1st Place  (4th consecutive year)

· Key Stage 2 Choir                                          -  1st Place  (6th consecutive year)

· Y3 & 4 Choral Speaking                                -  1st Place  (new category)

· Y5 & 6 Choral Speaking                                -  1st Place  (3rd consecutive year)

· Y5 & 6 Recorders                                          -  1st Place  (1st year-came 2nd last year)

· Y5 & 6 Educational Dance                            -  1st Place  (new category)

· Instrumental Ensemble (without vocals)       -  2nd Place


We would like to congratulate all children who participated in this event, who performed with real enthusiasm, dedication and skill and thank all our parents for their continued support.  It was lovely to see so many parents who gave their time freely to support their child/ren, cheering and applauding their efforts.  Thank you.


After the performance, one of school governors wrote:

        "Firstly, many, many congratulations on the success at the Colsterworth  Performing Arts Festival.  It was wonderful to watch the children perform; pride and enthusiasm was so evident.  Also well done to all the staff involved.  Your dedication and enthusiasm really encourages the children to be the best they can be."


At Barrowby CE Primary School, we take a real pride in all that we do-supporting each and every child to achieve their full potential.  At a time when many schools are facing external pressures and the ‘arts’ are suffering as a result of this, we are thrilled that our school continues to be recognised for its high quality arts provision, as seen through the ‘stunning’ performances , of our pupils, at the festival.


At the end of the Festival, our school was commended for its performances, by the judicator and awarded the ‘Growler Shield’ for the best overall school performances.  This is the 4th consecutive year, our school has been awarded this honour and truly reflects the schools ambition for all its pupils.