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Success at Athletics Tournament

2nd place, in this year's Athletics Tournament!


On Friday 30th June, our school Athletics team competed in the Annual Large School’s Athletic Tournament, at the Meres Stadium. The 29 strong team, from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, competed in a wide range of track and field events, including: open ball throw, long jump, various sprint races, the 800m and the team relay events.


The children were incredible and demonstrated a real ‘can do’ attitude throughout the Tournament, despite the rain. All children were committed to doing their 'very best.'  The Tournament opened with field events, including the cricket ball throw and the long jump, for boys and girls.  The children tried their very best and competed well with the other children.  On completion of those events, the sprint heat races commenced, featuring runners from Years 3 - 6.


You could feel the tension as the children waited at the start line, on your marks, get ready...go!  Then it came to the 800m, open event.  


The 1st event featured saw our Year 6 competitor take to the track: 2 laps of the stadium track, pace and stamina required-they were off.  It was a fabulous race, with our runner 'playing the tactics,' as the race settled-she was in last place, however, with every step, she closed the gap, slowly making her way passed her competitors: 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd and then 2nd.  It was all to play for, as she came in to the final straight and with one last push, through to 1st position with enough left for a sprint to the end line-a true 'heroic' effort.


The 2nd 800m event, saw one of our Year 5 boys take to the track: 2 laps of the stadium track, pace and stamina needed.  Again, another fabulous race-a quick start saw our runner move quickly to the middle of the pack, then settling in to the race-moving past his competitors with ease.  In the final lap, our runner settled comfortably and was able to maintain a significant gap between himself, in 2nd place and his competitor, in 3rd place, which he maintained right through to the end-saving enough for a sprint finish-another true 'heroic' effort.


Then came the sprint finals-where every 1 of our 10 finalists  'pushed themselves to their limit.'  After that, came the Relay events for both boys and girls in Year 5 and then in Year 6.  


Despite the rain, the teams performed admirably, all working as one unit-trying their best, pushing to be the 1st past the finish line.  After a few tense moments, the results were announced:


Y6            Long Jump                    3rd Place


Y5            Girl’s Sprint                   1st Place

Y6            Girl’s Sprint                   1st Place & 2nd Place 


                 Girl’s 800m                   1st Place

                 Boy’s 800m                   2nd Place 


                 Y5 Girl’s Relay Team     1st Place

                 Y6 Girl’s Relay Team     1st Place


All competitors were a real credit to themselves and our school. In particular, our 800m runners excelled at their events-bringing school staff and parents to tears as they crossed the finish line. Well done to all 29 members of the team!


As the scores were calculated, the crowds waited to find the overall results…


1st Place National

2nd Place Barrowby

3rd Place Huntigtower

4th Place Cliffedale

5th Place St. Mary’s

6th Place Isaac Newton

7th Place Gonerby Hill Foot


We could not believe the results. Overall 2nd place, with only 2 points separating 1st and 2nd place, wow! The children were amazing.


As a school, we take part, every year in this event. Last year we came overall 3rd place and this year, we improved, coming overall 2nd place.


Our thanks go to Mrs Banfield, as PE Subject Leader for her tireless work with our Sports Committee and her continued support of PE at our school; to Mrs Kay and Mrs Morris for accompanying the children; to our parents who continue to support our school, transporting their children to and from the event as well as staying to support their child and the school team; and to the children for ‘always striving for excellence.’ For trying their best, no matter what.


Look at us-what a school-success again!