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Club Leaders

Our pupils are actively encouraged to 'take the lead' and share their interests and god given talents with others. 

Typically, our Pupil Led Clubs are organised for the Summer term.  Children of all ages are given the opportunity to plan and deliver an extra-curricular club for our younger pupils to enjoy.  They are invited to:

  • Identify a club they would like to deliver;
  • Prepare a summary of activities (normally for a 6 week block); and
  • Liaise with the Headteacher to confirm the age of the attending children as well as the day/time the club will be delivered.

Once the club has been agreed, then it is added to the extra-curricular club letter which is sent to parents at the beginning of the summer term.

This leadership opportunity enables our pupils to further develop and embed the values of:

  • Creativity: identify a club they would like to deliver, plan/resource activities;
  • Respect:  liaise with adults and children to ensure the success of the club;
  • Independence: be able to act responsibly e.g. collect register, take register, be able to manage the children in their club.

In doing so, we enable all to shine and learn from one another.