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Collective Worship

At Barrowby CE Primary School, your child will be used to taking part in collective worship every day. Throughout the year, we explore our Christian Values of:

  • Autumn 1 - Generosity & Friendship
  • Autumn 2 - Truthfulness & Trust
  • Spring 1 - Courage & Wisdom
  • Spring 2 - Hope & Humility
  • Summer 1 - Forgiveness & Peace
  • Summer 2 - Respect & Tolerance

as well as deepening our understanding of British Values , our role in ensuring equality for all and our school's values and how they guide our actions. 

Acts of Collective Worship help the children come to terms with the world in which they live and are planned to be:

  • Inclusive: something for children and teachers, of all faiths or of none to be able to join in with;
  • Inspirational: a time in the day to think about the 'big questions' in our lives; an occasion that supports the school community’s spiritual development, creates an opportunity to gather around and reflect on a common theme and ‘feeds’ their inner being; as well as
  • Invitational: in school, children and teachers are invited to pray, think, or reflect,it is the child’s or teachers choice how they respond.

We enjoy close links with our parish church. All Saints’, Barrowby Church Ministers take worship, participate in classroom teaching and regularly visit the school. The children are familiar with our church through attending Open the book sessions monthly for Year 1 and 2, end of term services for the whole school and festivals. As well as using the church as part of their local studies in R.E. and History.

In addition, we have very effective partnerships with other local ministries and welcome regular visitors to school to lead acts of worship.  

Arrangements for the act of Collective Worship and for Religious Education are made by the school in accordance with the requirements of the 1944 Education Act and the Education Reform Act 1988.

Parents may, if they wish, withdraw their children from the arrangements for worship.
Any such requests should be made in writing to the Headteacher.

We set very high standards and expectations in terms of behaviour and attitudes at Barrowby CE Primary School. This is based on our Core Values Creativity, Respect and Independence and encourages politeness and care for other people, and for their property.

We aim to develop self-discipline, hard work, positive attitudes and good manners, to create a happy and successful learning environment, where everyone is valued and loved.

We believe that praise and encouragement in achievements will foster, nurture and maintain high standards of discipline. On occasion your children will bring home Barrowby CE Primary School Commendations, Certificates and reward stickers as a tangible acknowledgement of their efforts and achievements.