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It is important to encourage children to recognise and pursue the areas in which they excel (do more of what they enjoy) and support them with the areas they find difficult.

Allow children to use a word processor to complete some written tasks. This highlights spelling errors and offers alternatives. If they can’t type, encourage them to learn, so that they are able to use a Word Processor with more speed and fluency.

  • Dance Mat
    Learn how to type/use a word processor.

Play games to support memory and retention e.g. pairs, Go Fish etc.

Enable children to access age related audiobooks to develop a love of reading. Encourage (don’t force or push) them to share what’s happening in the story and share their excitement, wondering aloud what will happen next. This will also develop their vocabulary and comprehension, without them even realising that they are learning.

Don’t make reading a fight. Encourage children to read one page and you read the next page. Read some books to them for pleasure and invite them to read a section if they want to (don’t push if they don’t want to).  

Below, you will find a useful guide to help you support your child/ren to develop confidence, fluency and speed when reading aloud:

By developing a love of books and stories children will naturally want to learn how to read, so make the experience as pleasurable as you can.