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House Captains

At Barrowby CE Primary School, we use our House system to consistently acknowledge and reward behaviour, effort and learning attitudes, supporting all to 'shine' and develop as creative, respectful and independent citizens.

All pupils from Reception to Year 6 are allocated into one of our three Houses:

  • Armstrong
  • Chichester
  • Scott

On entering Year 6, pupils who decide they wish to be considered for the role of House Captain, prepare a short presentation and are then asked to address the children from their respective Houses and describe why they would like to fulfill the role.  Once complete, each House votes for the candidate they believe can fulfill the role.

There are 2 Captains per House who undertake a range of duties:

  • Collect the House points from each classroom in readiness for the Celebration Collective Worship;
  • Support the younger children in their Houses e.g. while at play, or when taking part in House Tournaments;
  • Form part of the school's Sports Committee.

This leadership opportunity enables our pupils to further develop and embed the values of:

  • Creativity: identify ways they can deliver, plan/resource sporting activities;
  • Respect:  liaise with PE Lead and attend Sports Committee meetings as well as act as role models for our children;
  • Independence: be able to act responsibly e.g. collect weekly House Points and add to school total.

In doing so, we enable all to shine and learn from one another.