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Playground Leaders

Our Playground Leaders work with and support our younger pupils to become even more physically active, while at play.

Our Year 5 and 6 classes of children, throughout the academic year will all act as Playground Leaders, supported by their teachers.  During lunchtime, the Playground Leaders will:

  • zone of areas of the playground; and
  • organise a range fun activities which encourage our children to be active; as well as
  • support younger pupils during their play.

This leadership opportunity enables our pupils to further develop and embed the values of:

  • Creativity: plan, prepare and  deliver, fun activities;
  • Respect:  liaise with adults to confirm activities and collection of resources as well as guide and support our children when engaged in organised play activities;
  • Independence: be able to act responsibly e.g. confirm activity with adult; collect equipment and set-up activity; encourage children to play sensibly; put equipment away.

In doing so, we enable all to shine and learn from one another.