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Our aim is for all children to foster a love of reading and encourage them to read for pleasure.


Reading is taught using a whole class teaching and learning strategy as well as using graded books and the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, covering a range of genres and interests. Reading activities are rich and varied to promote the importance of reading across the whole curriculum and to develop our aim which is for all children to have a love for reading.

Our Reading curriculum gives children to chance to develop their independence to make choices about books, and to discover authors and texts they might not get the chance to experience outside of school. Our teachers check pupils are reading books that will challenge them, and create exciting reading areas around the school environment- both inside and outside the classroom.


Children are taught the essential skills of reading (word recognition and comprehension) whilst also using a rich and varied range of literature and information texts to further develop what they already know and extend their vocabulary.

Texts to stimulate and support learning in Reading lessons within English are given careful consideration so that they are engaging, challenging and relevant to the curriculum and the world in which our children live.  Reading across a range of genres and text types is carefully sequenced to incorporate all elements of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

For pupils with SEND, it is important to focus on the pupils’ strengths as well as identifying areas where they need more help, practice and consolidation. In general, pupils should have the opportunity to develop all of the concepts in reading, regardless of their SEN or disability. However, the approach to these concepts may have to be done differently with different groups of pupils.


By the end of each year, each phase of education and by the time children leave the school; our carefully sequenced Reading Curriculum will allow children to be fluent readers who can successfully engage with a range of texts for a wealth of purposes. They should not only be critical and evaluative readers who understand what they read but also readers who can make purposeful choices when reading for pleasure and enjoyment.