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School Council

Our School Council is made up of representatives from each of the school's Pupil Leadership Groups and works with Miss Sugden, the Deputy Headteacher to support the implementation of the School's Development Plan.  This includes:

  • attend meetings and liaise with Miss Sugden;
  • review, evaluate and help shape school development priorities;
  • disseminate school development priorities to all Pupil Leadership Groups; and
  • provide views to help make the school an even better place e.g. identify new priorities, liasie with external visitors.

This leadership opportunity enables our pupils to further develop and embed the values of:

  • Creativity: plan, prepare and  deliver workshops and acts of worship;
  • Respect:  liaise with their respective Pupil Leadership Group to disseminate information;
  • Independence: be able to act responsibly e.g. engage with different Pupil Leadership Groups effectively.

In doing so, we enable all to shine and learn from one another.