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Travelling to and from school safely

Please read the following information carefully. The safety of our pupils is of paramount importance, and we ask all parents/carers to support us by following the guidance outlined below. 

As a Healthy School, we encourage our children to walk to school, or, where appropriate, to cycle.

Walking to School

Please encourage your child to walk to and from school. This is a healthy choice and reduces the number of cars around the school, which promotes safety for all pedestrians.

If you live too far to walk from home, please park at away from Church Street and walk the short distance to school.

Once your child moves into Year 5 (from the Summer term) or Year 6, you may decide to request that they walk to and from school alone.  Please complete the below Permission Form and submit to the school office:

Cycling to School

It is, of course, up to parents to decide whether their child is ready to cycle to and from school. If you do choose this option, we are able to offer bicycle storage at school.

If you would like your child to be able to leave their bicycle at school during the day, please download an application form from this page and send it into school.

Permission for a child to leave bikes at school can only be given if you have confirmed that they:

  •  Will be accompanied by an adult at all times


  • They have successfully completed Bikeability Level 2

Parents’ and Carers’ Vehicles

There is a School Safety Zone in place to protect our children on the way to and from school.

We urge all parents/carers to respect the Safety Zone, and to avoid parking in Church Street, or in any way that causes an obstruction or risk to our children and other members of the community.

Parents are not permitted to bring vehicles onto school premises to set down or collect children, except in exceptional circumstances where prior permission has been given by the Headteacher, in writing.

A large Car Park is available at the British Legion, just a few minutes walk from school. All parents are asked to use this facility for parking, and to walk the short distance to school (‘Park and Stride’) in this way you will help to provide a safe environment for our children. This contributes greatly to safety around the school, and also promotes healthy habits in our children.

Special Arrangements for Arrival or Collection

We ask all parents/carers to ensure that children arrive at school promptly (by 8.55am) each day. If you unavoidably delayed, please let us know. Children arriving after the bell must be brought to the School Office by an adult.

If it is necessary for your child to arrive, or be collected at the end of school by a taxi company you must inform the school office. Please make sure that the person or organisation carries identification, has the full names of children to be collected, and that they are aware of the need to collect children from the school office. Children will not be permitted to wait at the school gate, or to go out to vehicles in the car park unaccompanied.

If you need to arrange for another adult to collect your child, please contact the school office yourself to authorise this.