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Virtual Competition

Virtual Competition

Our Lincolnshire School Games Organiser, Mr Plumb has created a series of virtual competition, available to Primary pupils, during the forced school closure.

The first competition is Virtual Athletics:

Below, you will find the 2nd Competition available for you:

Healthy Happy Heptathlon

Join Chris & take on the inspire+ Champions Challenge! Our Healthy Happy Heptathlon uses your imagination and PE skills to challenge world record holders and...

On Monday 11th May 2020, the third competition was launched:

Cricket Skills

For this competition your pupils will need to

  1. Complete 4 cricket skills challenges – Batting, Catching, Throwing, Bowling (see the instruction videos in the pack attached)
  2. Ask someone to video you completing the challenges.
  3. Have a go as many times as you wish and record your best scores.

Ask a parent/guardian to:

  1. Complete the entry form and include your best scores for each skill.
  2. Upload a link to the video of one of your skills being performed onto the entry form.
  3. From here you will need to input some other information so that we know which school you attend.

You have two weeks to submit your entry from 11th May onwards until Friday 22nd May. The best scores from each SGO area will be selected for a county final event.  Good luck!