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Each year, our Year 6 class takes time to 'reflect' on their time at Barrowby. As part of this, they consider what we could do in school to make our school 'even better.' Our Year 6 children, supported by school staff design and  facilitate a series of fundraising events to raise monies.

Events may include:

  • Gala Dinner
  • Sponsored Event
  • Funds raised at either Bi-annual Summer and Christmas Fairs

As part of the annual Leaver's Service our Year 6 children inform the school of their Legacy Gift and monies raised to help purchase/install the Legacy Gift.

This opportunity enables our pupils to further develop and embed the values of:

  • Creativity: look for ways to enhance the school;
  • Respect:  liaise with adults and children to help raise monies; and
  • Independence: be able to act responsibly e.g. conduct fundraising activities.

as well as helping the school to be 'even better', once their Legacy Gift is installed.

In this way, the combined efforts of our outgoing Year 6 children each year have truly helped to make our school 'even better.'  Legacy Gifts have included:

2013 - Story Circle

2014 - Wildflower Meadow

2015 - Activity Boxes, Scooters, Rick Shaws and Green Screen

2016 - Climbing Posts as part of the Trim Trail

2017 - Fire Pit

2018 - Outdoor Gym Equipment

2019 - Outdoor Library/Reading Den

2020 - Air Raid Shelter

2021 - New Bicycle/Scooter Racks

2022 - Long Jump Pit

2023 - Craft Shack

Thank you to all our Year 6 children for their ongoing enthusiasm for our school.

Make your light shine, so that others will see the good that you do and
will praise your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16