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Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare:  Ensure all stakeholders are highly positive about the behaviour and safety of pupils in school.


Key:  Throughout 2017-2020:


  • Ensure all Safegaurding documentation and procedures are up to date.
  • Ensure that all Health and Safety documentation and procedures are completed as appropriate.
  • Evaluate the impact of extended services in promoting healthy lifestyles for all pupils.
  • Continue to monitor and audit our Enahnced Healthy School status.
  • Further communicate School values to all stakeholders, so that all understand their part in promoting respect, independence and creativity through their conduct, behaviour and attitude.
  • Continue to refine E-safety curriculum, documentation and procedures so that stakeholders e.g. staff, parents understand how to keep pupils safe
  • Ensure relevant, new staff and governors have attended appropriate training in Safer Recruitment, Safeguarding Children, Child Protection, E-safety, Outdoor Educational Visits and First Aid training