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Children are taught the essential skills of reading (word recognition and comprehension) whilst also using a rich and varied range of literature and information texts to further develop what they already know and extend their vocabulary.  Our aim is for all children to foster a love of reading and encourage them to read for pleasure. 

Supporting parents with reading at home


Enjoying Books Together (excerpt taken from the Reading Record)


What will happen in this story?

  • Look at the front and back cover.
  • Discuss the pictures.
  • What do you both think it will be about?


Talk time

  • Talk about where and when the story takes place.
  • Explain any new words and experiences (e.g. the Victorians or What is a museum?).



  • Allow your child to read giving a level of support appropriate to their reading ability e.g. support ideas; read the story to your child; read together; read independently– telling them any tricky or unknown words, whilst also encouraging them to use phonic skills to sound out words and blend together (see curriculum booklet for a list of sounds) e.g. ch-o-p ‘chop’.


Afterwards…… Play word games such as:

  • Word spotting (how many times can you find..).
  • Sound spotting.
  • Find the glasses.
  • Missing word games (cover  a word and see if your child can use the sentence to figure out what the word could be).
  • Choose words from the story and ask your child to fill in the missing sounds/letters.
  • Ask general questions to gauge your child’s understanding of what has been read.
  • Above all enjoy reading!


Below you will find a range of vocabulary which your child/children should be encouraged to read, at home.
Reception / Year 1
Year 1 / 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6