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Reading is so important! Make sure you are reading every single day. We have added some links to places you can access FREE books online. If you finish a book you could write a book review and send it over to us! Alternatively you could design your own book cover and blurb for that book.

Week 17 and 18

For the last 7 days of your home learning, we have some July Themed Reading Activities for you to try!

If you want to link your reading to our weekly topic of 'Reflection' you could write a review for the best book you've read this year! Did you have a class reading book you particularly liked? Did you enjoy Who Let the Gods Out or Skellig? What's been your favourite reading moment of this year?

More Reading Resources

The Kinema in the Woods reading Comprehension

A local cinema has produced this speedy reading comprehension activity!

Challenge: See if you can read the text in 60 seconds, then time how long it takes to do the questions underneath!