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Anytime Tales - Elmer

Elmer the patchwork elephant seems to feel very different from the other elephants in his herd, so he decides to fit in, but little does he know, being diffe...




Happy Easter!!

I just want to say a massive well done to all the mum’s, dad’s and grown-ups. It isn’t easy home schooling and I think you are all doing a fantastic job. Please take some time over the Easter holidays to relax and have some down time together. Keep reading those books and please stay safe. xxx


Don't forget you can contact me directly on our new email address: send me any work you want me to see or just let me know what you have been up to. Missing you all xxx



So…. My theme for this week is….. ELMER!! He is a patchwork elephant who likes to get up to mischief. I have found the story on youtube which is at the top of the page!


I have also uploaded myself reading Elmer onto Tapestry. I will try and upload it onto the class page soon.


I have found some Elmer related activities and some Maths, English and Phonics for you to have a go at too.


We made our own Elmer using a milk bottle and lots of different coloured tissue paper. I cut the top off the milk bottle just below the handle. If you google Elmer milk bottle craft lots of photos and instructions come up.



Have a look at the Elmer power point on Twinkl. It is called Elmer's counting song



Also try and do the Elmer number worksheet (addition to 20 colour by number) on Twinkl.  If you are struggling to print things off don’t worry just copy the activity as best you can on A4 paper.



For some number formation worksheets from 10 upwards I have found these

For some letter formations I have found some worksheets for ‘b’ and ‘d’ as these sometimes get confused.


I have also found some pencil control worksheets that look fun


Why don’t you use these writing resources and retell your own Elmer story? You could choose another animal to write a story about. Have a think about what they could get up to. Maybe they could go on an Easter egg hunt. I would love to see your finished writing.


Can you find out about elephants? Where do they live? What do they eat? Are elephants endangered? If they are can you find out why? Perhaps you could draw your own elephant. It could be a real elephant or a patchwork elephant like Elmer.


Don’t forget to have your own Easter egg hunt, we can’t wait to do ours. Try not to eat too much chocolate xxx





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