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Reception and Year 1 - Mrs Selby

Hello, can I ask all Reception children who are home learning to please put photos on Tapestry for me to see. Tapestry is a fantastic online learning journal and is used to show parents what the Reception children are doing at school. It is also lovely for us to see what your child is doing at home. Please do not email your child's work in to school.


Year 1s you can use my teacher email for any work you have completed. It is

Please keep checking the class pages to keep up to date with your learning.

Thank you Mrs Eggleston xx

Welcome to Reception & Year 1
Mrs Eggleston


This Autumn Term our topic is called...

Light and Sound


If you shut your eyes, how many sounds can you hear?  Lots of things make a sound.  Doors slam, drums bang, wind whooshes and thunder crashes.  When you hit a drum it makes the air inside a drum vibrate – creating sound waves.  Let’s have fun with different instruments and hear a real live brass band.  Can you design and make your own instrument using a range of materials and joining techniques? 

All the stars are coming out tonight.  They’re lighting up the sky tonight.  Where does light come from?  Can we find other sources of light around school and home?  We will chase our shadows on a sunny Autumn day and see how they change as the sun moves through the sky. 

Danger!  We will learn about how electricity travels and how to stay safe inside and outside. 

It takes both sunshine and showers to make a rainbow and plenty of colour mixing too.  We will have such fun with the primary colours and be amazed at how many different colours we can create.  We will even experiment with filters to see if we can change the   colour of light using our new colour mixing skills. 


Ring, ring, history calling… the children will use historical figures from the past to highlight how life has changed from the past to the present.


We can not wait to have lots of fun learning all these new things with you! 


E-Safety Presentation

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