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Reception Letters and Sounds

This week's letters are:




Everyday, name each letter (as you hear it in the alphabet song) and say the sound it makes (phoneme).


To make the phoneme for the letter 'm' put your hands on your tummy and rub it making the long 'mmmmmm.' Just like you would if something was delicious! You can hear this sound in the words 'mum' and 'mat'.


To make the phoneme for the letter 'd' pretend you have got a drum in front of you and beat it making the short 'd' sound just like you can hear in the words 'dog' and 'dig'.


Tuesday: Look around your house. Can you find any objects that begin with each sound? How many have you found? 

Wednesday: Write each letter over and over again. What would your like to use? A pencil on paper? A crayon? Use chalk on the patio outside. Pour a little flour on to a coloured surface (e.g. blue dinner plate, a green tray) and use your finger to write each letter. Could you paint the letter. 


Thursday: Use your school letter pack to think make some words using the sound tiles you have so far (c s a p t i n m d) What words can you make? (e.g. din, mat, sad, am, as, it, tin, pin, sat, cat, can, pit, pat, sit, etc).


Friday: Draw or paint something that has each sound in it. It does not have to be at the beginning of the word, it could be at the end. Can you label your picture? Ask an adult to help you, if you are not sure how to write the letter ask the adult to write it for you and you can copy over the top of it.