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Reception Letters and Sounds

This week’s letters are...



Everyday, name each letter (as you hear it in the alphabet song) and say the sound it makes (phoneme).


Did you know that 'q' always has it's friend 'u' sitting next to it. Together they make one sound.


To make the phoneme 'qu'



Can you find these new letters in the alphabet? Where are they? Are they next to each other in the alphabet? Look at the letter 'q'. Can you see how it has a tail that sits underneath the line you write on? It has a sharp flick too.


Tuesday: Outside idea: 

Write the letters in chalk on to the patio or on a wall/fence and trace over each letter with water and a paint brush. You could write lots of different letters (especially any your child is struggling to remember). 

Indoor idea: click here to play an online game called 'Buried Treasure'. Click on 'Phase 3' and choose words sets including letters 'qu'. Can you blend the sounds to read the word? Is it a real word or a non word? Drag the read word coins in to the treasure and the non words into the bin, if you are correct the pirate will dance!


Wednesday: Write each letter over and over again. Pour a little flour on to a coloured surface (e.g. blue dinner plate, a green tray) and use your finger to write each letter. Can you begin to write any words using this week's phonemes? Look at the pictures at the top of this page to help you think of words.


Thursday: Use your school letter pack to think make some words using the sound tiles you have so far. We have learnt all the letters of the alphabet now and you should practice the letters you don't recognise again and again until you can remember them. Don't forget to make words with the letter tiles. 


Friday: laugh Lets Go Quackers! laugh Pretend to be the little duck that's got to get across the pond (your living room)! Open up the document below and follow the instructions! You can only move forward by following the words you have read. I have put the sound buttons under each phoneme (sound) to help you segment the word. Some instructions will help you move some will make you stay still. How long will it take you to get across?