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Reception Letters and Sounds

This week we are practising the digraph...




Remember, a digraph is two letters (two vowels or two consonants or a vowel and a consonant) which together make one sound. Say it with me; "Two letters, one sound!" Say it again!


This week's digraph is 'ai'. You can hear the 'ai' phoneme in words like 'rain' and 'snail'. Look at the picture above and try to say each word - the pictures will help you. Don't worry about sounding them out just yet. 


Here are some 'ai' words for you to have a go at sounding out. Click here and follow the video, pause the video if you need more time to blend each word. 


Have a go at writing the letters in the air, write them really large! Now use your finger to 'write' the letters on the carpet, on the back of your hand, on your parent's back! Each time you 'write' it say the long sound 'ai'.


Tuesday:  Watch the Mr Thorne Does Phonics video below and see what you can find around your house! 

ai Mr Thorne Does Phonics

and even one from Geraldine the Giraffe if you would prefer. 


Wednesday: Let's play a new game called:

Dinosaur Dash

.A fun, interactive game for anyone who loves dinosaurs which prompts grapheme recognition and the segmenting and blending of words. Tape or mark out a quick grid on the floor to act as a race track (Masking tape was used in the photo but you could use anything). Each lane has a corresponding grapheme (letter or digraph) at the beginning. Now write out some simple 'ai' words onto cards made up of the letters at the start of the track. The letters and words in the photo would suit children working in Phase 2 (single letter sounds in words e.g. cat, mat, fin, etc) but adapt what you write to suit the phase your child is working in. You could have the digraphs from Phase 3 that we have been learning so far this term. Your child picks a card, segments the word and moves the corresponding dinosaurs along the track. So for the word ‘dig’ they would move the dinosaur above the ‘d’, ‘i’ and then ‘g’. Which dinosaur will win the race and be ahead of all the others once all the cards have been read? This will also help your child to segment the sounds (phonemes) in each word and blend the sounds together. In order to extend the activity you could have picture cards instead of word cards and your child moves the corresponding dinosaur to spell the word.


Thursday: Use your school letter pack to think make some words using the sound tiles you have so far. We have learnt all the letters of the alphabet now and you should practice the letters you don't recognise again and again until you can remember them. Don't forget to make one new letter tile with this week's digraph 'ai' on showing your children that the letters are together and make the 'ai' sound not the separate 'a' and 'i' sounds. 


Friday: Let's play 'Hide and Seek!' Using the word cards below or write out your own. Hide the words around your room. Keep a secret list of the words for your own check list! Say a word for your child to go and find? When they find a word your child needs to segment each sound in the word - "r-ai-n!" Yes! That's right bring it back and go find the next word. e.g. rail. Your child finds another word and says the sounds separately (segmenting) "s-ai-l!" That's not the word we're looking for, put it back and try and find the correct word (try and remember where that word is hiding for when this word comes up)! 


I've put some word cards below just in case you would like to print them out. Your child could add the sound buttons to help them practise their segmenting and blending skills. I've also popped on a check list!