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Reception Letters and Sounds

This week we are practising the digraph...



Remember, a digraph is two letters (two vowels or two consonants or a vowel and a consonant) which together make one sound. Say it with me; "Two letters, one sound!" Say it again!


This week's digraph is 'ee'. You can hear the 'ee' phoneme in words like 'seem' and 'feet'. Look at the picture below and try to sound out each word. Some of the words have the 'ai' digraph from last week to continue our learning.


Have a go at writing the letters in the air, write them really large! Now use your finger to 'write' the letters on the carpet, on the back of your hand, on your parent's back! Each time you 'write' it say the long, vowel sound 'ee'.


Tuesday:  Watch Mr Thorne's Geraldine the Giraffe learn the 'ee' digraph and see what you can find around your house! You could write labels spelling the items you have found. Can you put the sound buttons below each phoneme? (Sound).

Learning ee with Geraldine the Giraffe!


Wednesday: Let's play the pairs game again. Prepare 'ee' words on to small pieces of paper. Make sure you have two of every word. You could print the sheet I have prepared at the bottom of the page, if you can, and cut out the words. I have added 'sound buttons' under each phoneme. The sound buttons will support your child to make each sound and then blend it together. You could add these to previous week's words so you have got even more cards to pair up!


Now you are ready to play! Turn all the word cards over. Take it in turns to turn two cards over - do they match? Yes - say the phonemes by touching the sound buttons and then blending them together. Once you've read the word, you keep the cards! 

No - turn the cards back over and try to remember where they are (it might help you on your next go!)

The winner is the one with the most cards at the end!


Thursday: Use your school letter pack to think make some words using the sound tiles you have so far. We have learnt all the letters of the alphabet now and you should practice the letters you don't recognise again and again until you can remember them. Don't forget to make one new letter tile with this week's digraph 'ee' on showing your children that the letters are together and make the 'ee' sound not two separate 'e' sounds. 


Friday: Let's get constructing!

Using you duplo bricks, lego, wooden bricks, boxes or even stones you've found outside let's build some words. Write letter sounds on to individual blocks (or sellotape on labels so you don't ruin your toys!). Don't forget to write this week's diagraph 'ee' on to some on the blocks! Now, start building! What words can you create? Are they real words? Non words? Can you sound them out? How many different words can you make?