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Rockpools and Seasides

This week our topic is Rockpools and the Seaside! It isn’t easy to visit the seaside at the moment so there are video clips and slides to help you. You might already know about creatures that live at the seaside that like rockpools. Maybe you have visited the seaside, found some rock pools to investigate and discovered for yourself the amazing worlds within!

Take a look at these clips about rockpools - 

Have a go at the fun quiz while you are on the 'What is a Coastal Habitat?' page!

Creatures living in a coastal rockpool must adapt to the water being heated by sunlight and diluted by rainwater, as well as to the water levels dropping. In a rockpool at the coast we are introduced to an anemone. Anemones are animals which are found all along the shoreline. Their tentacles have hooks on the end for capturing animals which they eat. When the tide is in, limpets and periwinkles eat algae on the rocks. Periwinkles also eat seaweed.