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School to Home Communication

Good home/school links are essential if a child is to succeed and have a positive attitude towards school. We are committed to working together with parents to help our pupils maximise their education at this school.


A written Home-School Agreement is in place. This is required by the DfE and includes a declaration for parents to sign. Parent/teacher consultations are held twice a year. Other open educational evenings are also organised on a broad range of issues.  We look forward to welcoming you to these events.


All parents are invited to register with 'ParentMail PMX' - new parents are provided with details of how to do this.


Letters and newletters are send out by email, via 'ParentMail PMX', and urgent messages can be sent by text.


This means that our communications with parents are effective, timely, and environmentally friendly!


A weekly Newsletter is sent home in term time, usually on Wednesdays.


Newsletters and letters are also posted on this website, under the 'Parents' tab on the same day that they are sent out.