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You have a project this week in science... Myself and Mrs Webster are struggling to complete the 'Sorting Madagascan Living Things' sheet (Which is attached below)  


Your Task;

We are needing you to be the teacher!!! 

You are to create either a PowerPoint presentation or an information sheet for each of the topics. You can use technology to help you, or you can create some posters giving all the information. 


The 4 areas to help us complete the work are; 

1) Mammals

2) Birds

3) Reptiles 

4) Plants 


You will need to define what each one is, some examples and and extra facts you feel could be important. 


Extra Challenge. Can you create pages for; 

5) Fish 

6) Mini Beasts

7) Amphibians 


Using your PowerPoints or information guides, could you also help teach someone in your house this information? 

We look forward to seeing your work!