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Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

Our aim is that all children will be encouraged to explore a wide range of vocabulary; developing a deeper understanding and more accurate and precise use of spelling, within their written work, as well as learn how to use correct grammatical forms so that they can convey their thoughts in a creative yet purposeful manner, for example, consciously varying sentence structure and word choices for effect. 


At the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, children will be expected to sit the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test, which aims to test English skills in four key areas:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling and
  • Vocabulary


The aim is to ensure that primary schools will once again place a strong focus on the teaching of key writing techniques and ensure that children leave primary school confident in these skills.




In order to strengthen spelling skills, teachers will need to focus on teaching spelling patterns and rules, as well as teaching the spellings of key words which do not necessarily follow a pattern-these spelling lists for year 3 & 4 and year 5 & 6 can be found in the appendix of the new curriculum.


Punctuation and Grammar


As well as spelling, the curriculum highlights the importance of developing grammatical accuracy.  It is important that children learn the correct grammatical terms in English and that these terms are integrated within teaching. This will allow children to write and speak with confidence.




In the new curriculum, there is a strong emphasis on vocabulary development.


“Pupils acquisition and command of vocabulary are key to their learning and progress across the whole curriculum”. (National Curriculum, 2014)


We should therefore aim to broaden the children’s vocabulary by teaching and modelling a wide vocabulary, thus ensuring that the children increase their own store of words and understand the meaning of them.


As a school, we continue to set high standards for our children so that they can continue to achieve highly within this area of English.