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Stage 2: Re-modelling of School Library (Completed)

This year, as a school, we are re-modelling and refurbishing our school library.  This has involved working with members of our school community to identify how we would like our school library to 'evolve,' ideas include:

  • create a warm, inviting environment
  • create spaces for children to enjoy reading, either individually, in groups or as a whole class


This is one of the many designs we developed to meet this brief:

Proposed New School Library Layout

On Monday 29th February, Miss Sugden met with representatives from our school community, to discuss the library developments.  This included:

  • Selection of children
  • Staff Members
  • Parents
  • Representative from FOBs


Please find a copy of the minutes, from that meeting, below:

Our School Librarians and members of staff have been busily working in our library.  They have:

  • re-organised the school library
  • begun to catalgoue all books
  • met to discuss design ideas


The intention is that our newly refurbished school library will be unveiled in the Summer term.  This will provide all our pupils and members of our school community with a wonderful resource which can be enjoyed for years to come.

Update:  11th March 2016


On Wednesday 9th March, Miss Sugden and Mr Batey, met with a representative from the library design team, to discuss the costings and practicalities of the initial brief.  Further suggestions and ideas were explored as well as a possible installation date.  Please see below a revised design:

Library Design

Update:  21st March 2016

As we approach the Easter holidays, we are delighted to reveal the final design for our new school library.  School staff have been working very hard, over the past few weeks, resulting in most of the school's books being cataloged and added to our new Micro-Librarian system.  Over the Easter holidays, the library will be re-decorated and new carpets lain in readiness for the installation of our new library furniture, early in the summer term.

Final Library Design

Update:  15th April 2016

During the Easter holidays, our library was decorated and a new carpet was fitted.  We are all now looking forward to the library furniture installation, in the next couple of weeks.

Update:  21st April

The contractors arrived and have begun to create our new library space.  What do you think so far?

Update: 26th April

On Monday 25th April, Miss Sugden, Mrs Morris, Mrs Waghorn and a team of school staff members began the mammoth task of moving all our books back in to the library.  Mrs Stanley also gave her time and assisted, by creating some unique and thought provoking images, taken from popular children's books.  She then incorporated these in to the library scheme, creating a colourful and vibrant library.  


Our thanks go to all our school staff for supporting each other, so that our whole school community can benefit from our new library space.  What do you think?

Update:  5th August 2016

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of FOBs, we welcome two new additions to our school library: over heater desks, which can be used when loaning or returning books.