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Stage 4: School Extension

In the week beginning 25th April, our contractors began the planned work for developing and extending our school.  They arrived early, to establish the perimeter fencing:

Update:  26th April 2016

Today, our contractors have begun excavating the site, in readiness for the foundations for our new staff-room.  The children were all very excited.

Update: 27th April 2016

Today, the contractors dug the foundations for the new build. 

Update:  12th May 2016

Last week, our contractors had to wait for the footings to harden, as they were laid on Friday 29th April.

Update:  13th May 2016

This week, our contractors have been busy on site, building the supporting walls for the floor beams.  These are due to be installed early next week.

Update:  20th May 2016

This week, our contractors have been very busy, despite the changeable weather.  As you can see, the floor of the new staffroom has been erected:

Update:  21st May 2016

Our contractors have continued to make good progress this week and the staffroom and extension to the classroom are beginning to take shape.

Update: 3rd June 2016

Towards the end of last week, our contractors made extremely good progress, despite the weather!

Update:  12th June 2016

Our contractors have continued to progress with the building schedule.  This week they have temporarily extended the width of the path, next to the new staffroom as well as installing the steel and timbers to support the new roof.

Update: 17th June 2016

This week, our contractors have made tremendous progress.  They have:

  • laid the roof, so the building is now water tight; 
  • installed the windows; and
  • completed the 1st fix electrics!

Update:  8th July 2016

Over the last couple of weeks, our contractors have been working tirelessly.  Both the new classroom and staffroom have been plastered; the ceilings have been installed; electrics completed; new floors laid-all ready for the decorators, next week. 

Update:  26th July 2016

The decoration has now been completed and both the kitchen, in the staffroom and the cupboards, in the classroom have been installed.  This week, our contractors have begun creating the doorway and the corridor which connects the staffroom to the main school building.  In order to create the new corridor, the builders have erected a new wall in the Headteacher's office (making the space slightly smaller) as well as erecting a new wall in the 'back office' area, where they have installed two windows; benefiting from the natural light.


The new corridor runs through the Headteacher's office, around the corner and behind the 'back office' in to the new staffroom.

Update:  29th July 2016

Work is well underway, outside the new staffroom: widening the pedestrian access as well as creating a new footpath down to the playground.

Update:  2nd August 2016

Our contractors have now formed the base for the new path and have begun to lay the paving slabs which will join the footpath to the playground.

Update: 5th August 2016

This week, our contractors have completed the pathway which leads down to the playground.  The tree has been removed, in accordance with specialist advice; opening up the area. The trunk has been cut in to pieces which will be used as seats, in our new 'Wildflower Meadow' and parts of the branches have been cut in to small disks, to be used by our younger children, in the outdoor classroom.

Our contractors have also resurfaced the pathway which leads from the playground to the main pedestrian gate. They have tidied the smaller playground and removed all the fences and building equipment; washing the area, in readiness for September.  This week, they have also reinstated the smaller 'flagged' area which is hopefully the base for the new Year 6 Legacy gift of a 'soft seating area;' being created, next year.  They have also explored positions for the new 'Cabbage Patch Garden'  which will be re-positioned next to the staffroom, making the most of the available spaces.
The contractors have also removed all the fencing at the front of the school and are beginning to reinstate the grassed areas, in readiness for September.
Internally, the contractors have installed the two window panes in the 'back office' and have begun to decorate the new corridor, joining the staffroom to the main school building, as well as the Headteacher's office.

Update:  11th August 2016

This week, the internal work is commencing well, with: all areas being decorated; suspended ceiling installed, ready for completion next week as well as the finishing touches to the staffroom, corridor and the Headteacher's Office.

Externally, both the 'boot-brush'  and the flagged area have been reinstated.  After discussions with the contractors, the 'Cabbage Patch Garden' has been re-imagined and installed, next to the new staffroom-ready for the Autumn and Spring Harvests. 

Update:  15th August 2016

The planned works are drawing to a close, as can be seen from the finishing touches in the new staffroom, corridor and the Headteacher's office.  The ceilings have all now been installed and the decorator is almost finished in these areas.

Update:  23rd August 2016

Last week, our contractors finished laying the carpets throughout the refurbished areas, including: Reception Office; Headteacher's Office; Meeting Room; Staffroom and Year 6 cloakroom.  They also began the installation of the cloakrooms in Year 4, 5 and 6.

On Friday 19th August, our contractors finished the installation of the cloakrooms in Year 4, 5 and 6.