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Stage 8: Refurbishment of Reception Offices

The school Reception Offices are being refurbished over the Summer Holidays.


Update:  29th July 2016

Our contractors have begun the work in this area.  They have already blocked up the door to an internal cupboard and knocked through a dividing wall, creating a much larger office area.  The walls, in this new addition, have now been plastered; creating a new 'back office' space.

Update:  2nd August 2016

Our contractors have recently installed the two internal windows, in the 'back office' area.

Update:  5th August 2016

This week, our contractors have begun to decorate areas within the new newly refurbished Reception Offices including: the newly concealed door (to the previous Topic Resource Cupboard); the inside of the new 'back office' as well as completing the entrance to this area.  They have also re-hung the door to the Photocopier Room, so that it opens against the wall.

Update:  15th August 2016

This week, our contractors have completed the decoration in the new 'back office' as part of the Reception Office area.  Carpets and new office furniture to be installed, later this week.

Update: 17th August 2016

Our contractors have now removed all the older style units and await installation of the carpet and of the new Reception Office desks.