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The Mini-Olympics

In Sports Week our Year 3 children should be visiting the mini-olympics - don't despair! This year it's gone virtual so you can ALL join in! Have fun! We'd love to see videos of your efforts!

A big thank you to Inspire+

Welcome to our thirteenth annual Mini Olympics, but the first that has been virtual!!


We did not want you missing out on the chance to try a range of new skills from Olympic and Paralympic sports!

Below please find a range of videos, that create the usual Mini Olympics all the way from the opening speeches to the mass dance for you to learn and perform at the closing ceremony! All the videos can be completed in school or at home. By the side of each video you will find navigation arrows to scroll through the different videos.

We hope you have lots of fun taking part, at the bottom of the page there is a certificate of participation or you to award yourself!

Virtual Mini Olympics opening message! Let the games begin!

Hear a message from members of our Young Ambassador steering group to wish you all good luck in the 2020 Virtual Mini Olympics!

Kelham Cooke, Leader of South Kesteven District Council. Opening address.

Opening ceremony speech from the Leader of South Kesteven District Council, Kelham Cooke

Ambassador Sam Ruddock's opening address to the Virtual Mini Olympics 2020

Join Paralympian Sam Ruddock (and friends) and get ready for a fun filled day of activity in your own Mini Olympics!

Ambassador Sophie Allen, Virtual Mini Olympics 2020 message

Monkey nuts challenge, Virtual Mini Olympics 2020

Join ambassador Sam Ruddock in his physcial activity challenge! Any object can be used as the tennis balls. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

Play 'Jack Says' for the Virtual Mini Olympics

Join Jack and play 'Jack Says' make sure you listen carefully!!

Gymnastic routines

Join Emma & learn a range of gymnastic moves. Can you put together your own routine from them? We'd love to see your completed performance!

Badminton fun & games!

Join Laura for some badminton drills. You don't need badminton equipment to take part......we just hope those socks are clean!

Athletics for the Virtual Mini Olympics!

Join Lisa and her daughter for the athletics zone of the virtual Mini Olympics! Apologies that Lisa's head is cut off part way through the video - no athleti...

Stephen Gray freetsyle football tutorial 1 - the rocket launcher!

Teach yourself the rocket launcher with Steve!

Stephen Gray freestyle football tutorial 2 - the twister!

Teach yourself the twister with Steve!

Stephen Gray freestyle football tutorial 3 - balance the ball on your neck!

Teach yourself how to balance the football on the back of your neck with Steve!

Stephen Gray freestyle football tutorial 4 - the catapult

Learn how to perform the catapult with Steve

Stephen Gray freestyle football tutorial 5 - the sit down spin!

Learn how to do the sit down spin with Steve!

Ambassador Ben Smith Virtual Mini Olympics 2020 message

Ambassador Jonathan Broom-Edwards Virtual Mini Olympics 2020 message

Hear what Jonathan Broom-Edwards has been doing during lockdown keeping #HealthyHappyActive and hear his literacy challenge for you!

Netball skills & drills!

Join Laura in these netball drills that you can do either on your own at school or with a family member at home. Have fun!!!

Multi skills challenges!

Join our specialist coach, Kane and see if you can complete these 3 multi skill challenges. The 3rd challenge is one to try at home with a member of your fam...

Lets play Boccia for the Virtual Mini Olympics 2020

Join Matt and learn how to play the Paralympic Sport of Boccia at home with your family. There are many items that can be used for the game........we just ho...

Grantham Tennis Club Virtual Mini Olympics 2020 Challenge

Ambassador Sarah Outen, Virtual Mini Olympics 2020 message

Hear what Sarah has been doing during lockdown to keep herself #HealthyHappyActive!

Virtual Mini Olympics 2020 Mass Dance!

Join Beth & learn this years Mini Olympics mass dance! We'd love it if you can perform the dance with everyone in your school or at home! If you can then tak...

Stephen Gray, Freestyle Football Performance!

Watch Mini Olympics super star Stephen Gray perform a breath taking display of his freestyle football tricks!

Virtual Mini Olympics closing message

He hope you have had lots of fun taking part in the virtual Mini Olympic's fun and games!

Print your own participation certificate!