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Design and Technology:

Create a 'small world' rainforest in a cardboard box using natural resources such as twigs, leaves, moss etc.. to make a rainforest habitat. Add lego trees, a bubble wrap river or maybe some playmobil / lego / plastic people and animals to add more life to rainforest. Let your imaginations run wild!

Picture 1

Science / Art:

Camouflage is a technique that prey animals use to protect themselves and avoid capture from predators. They can disguise their colour and shape and blend in with their background to appear almost invisible. 

Colour the frog and lizard template below to blend in with an area of your house or garden. What colours would you use if it was blending in with grass, a gravel path, a colourful flowerbed or even your duvet cover?


Look how I did mine... can you see how harder to spot they are when camouflaged?

DT / Music

Have a go at following my instructions on how to make a 'rainstick' below!

Use BBC Bitesize Daily Music Fri 22nd May- 'using found sounds' - to assist in this activity also.