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Here you will find some resources and ideas to help you learn more about plants.

By the end of the week we hope that you will be able to label the part of a plant, know it’s life cycle and know how to look after it.

Perhaps you could plant your own bean and create a castle for it to climb up towards?

Can you use a ruler or counters to measure your beanstalk as it grows? How many leaves has it got each day? Is there a pattern? (for example; two leaves grow every two days?)

Have fun role playing the story with your toys and family members.

Build the giants castle – how can you make it sturdier?

 Can you build your own beanstalk? What will you use?

Have a family competition – who can make the tallest beanstalk? Who can make the tallest beanstalk in one minute?

Get outside and spot the real plants. Can you label them? Measure the leaves.

Use a magnifying glass to see the veins on the leaves – are they the same on all leaves?

How about making the golden goose out of natural art?

Have a look at some more resources below.


Bean time Lapse Video.mp4

Still image for this video