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With all the learning this week about rockpools and seasides there are some

really fun activities to have a go at here!


  • Can you label a rock pool with the animals?
  • Will you be able to write some interesting sentences about different creatures that live in rockpools?
  • Do you know what people did at the seaside a long time ago?
  • What will you rockpool animal look like, how will it move and what will it eat?


I look forward to seeing your great pieces of work!

  • Carefully read the words in the word bank and use them to label the correct animals in the rock pool. You could then write some sentences about what is in the rock pool.
  • Use the picture of the empty rock pool to draw the different animals that live there.

        When you have drawn up to 5 animals write something you know about each one. You could research online to find out                            interesting facts to put in your sentences.

  • Take a look at the Seaside Holidays – now and then slides. What do you notice about the different pictures? What can you see that is similar? What is different? There might be someone in your family that went on seaside holidays that could tell you about it.

       Use the seaside past and present sheet to write what you notice about the different         pictures. I wonder if anything is the same?

  • Design a new rockpool animal! Use the pages (links below) to design your creature and then write about the different features it has. There is plenty to think about so good luck!