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Clips to watch: 

Peter Rabbit and Friends-

Johnny Town Mouse and The Tale of two Bad Mice-


Geography- Different homes…


Read/ watch Johnny Town Mouse.


Why does neither mouse like the other one’s home?  What is it like in the town/ country?  List ideas.  What buildings would you expect to find in each place are some the same, do some differ why etc?


Design a new town

Make a list of the differences between the homes

DT- A house fit for a Mouse…

Watch or read The Tale of Two Bad Mice.  Ask the children to watch out carefully for the doll’s house.


After watching/reading:  

think about the doll’s house

What is the doll’s house like?

What is it made from?  Do these materials differ from the ones used to build real house?  Reflect on sci lesson

Are there any parts of the doll’s house that move or work? Eg windows etc.


Look at model of dolls house if you have one and discuss further ideas the children have about the design,  materials etc.


Explain that the children will be making a house for the two bad mice (Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca).  What will you use to make it?  Explain that they will be decorating the inside and creating walls to make rooms etc.  Look at boxes etc that may be used as starting points

History- Who was Beatrix Potter?



Who was Beatrix Potter?  How many different books can you name?  Have you read any of them?  Do you have a favourite? 


Share PPT to find out more.


What do you think are the most significant events in her life? E.g. book being published, buying HillTop.  Can we order these events?  Introduce terms: chronology and timeline


  • What are the significant events in her life?
  • Why is she remembered?
  • What is her legacy?



Timeline missing pictures and events

Beatrix Potter questions

Beatrix Potter diary extract

Science- Alive in the garden…

How many animals can you think of?

What about plants? 

Which was easier?

How do we know the differences?

What do all animals have in common? (move, breath etc)

Plants have leaves and are usually green– they may also have flowers and fruit

 Look at website below to support understanding:

PSHE- How does your garden grow?

What is your garden like?  What is it used for?  Are all gardens the same?  Is your garden different in different areas?


Watch this clip to see how your garden is used by wildlife.

RE- The Garden of Eden


The Bible says that God created the whole world. He created the clouds, the rivers, the trees, the fish, and the animals. He even created the first man and woman, named Adam and Eve. God placed them in a beautiful garden called the Garden of Eden.

We have a picture of a garden. It looks like a nice place doesn't it? However, some things are missing. Some of the characters are lonely. Maybe we can complete the picture by adding some characters in the places where they belong. When we finish, we will have a better idea of what the whole Garden of Eden was like, just like in the Bible.