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Mothers and their young


The weather is so important to farmers and the success of their produce.

  • What might happen if there is too much rain?
  • What might happen if there is too much sun and not enough rain?
  • What effect does a really cold winter have?

From crops ripening in the summer months to harvesting in the Autumn, the seasons are a crucial part of farming.

Have a go at the activity below, testing your knowledge of the seasons.


Farming Old and New

Learn about how farming has changed over the years. Which tools and techniques make a farmer's life a little easier today?

The Tale of The Little Red Hen

Read the story of The Little Red Hen. 

What is the moral of the story?

Maybe you could have a go at making your own bread just like The Little Red Hen!

Handprint Collage

Have a go at creating your own 'Little Red Hen' using your hands.

Think about the shades of colour you use and practise those intricate cutting skills!