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This week it is

Let’s have some sporting fun!

Monday will be our school’s sports day.

Can you create your own sports day at home?

How are you going to keep score? Are you all in your own ‘House’, could you be in teams?

Come up with some fun races and end with a straight running race, just like in the Olympic games!

I’ve added a PowerPoint at the bottom of the page so you can learn about the Olympics. You could even make your own Olympic torch!


How many different Olympic and Paralympic sports can you include in your Sports Day?

Look at the pictures below for inspiration!

How creative can you be? Could you have a teddy bear shot put? A hula hoop gymnastics routine? A paddling pool dive?

Have a go at this game called the Tortoise and the Hare ball. You will need 2 footballs and 4 cones or markers.

First, identify a starting point and place a pair of cones, then identify a turn-around point and place the second pair of cones. These points should be about 15 feet apart.

Next, each player chooses a character and stands at the start, either the Tortoise or the Hare. Both Players should place a ball between their feet.

Then When someone says “GO,” the Hare will hop with a ball between their feet to the turn-around point, while the Tortoise will crawl to the turn-around point with a ball between their feet or knees. Once they reach the turn-around, the two players will switch characters and, place the ball between their feet or knees and either hop or crawl back to start. The winner is the player that arrives back at the starting point first!


After all that competitive sport the winners could have a prize.

Could you make your own medals or even a trophy like this one made from paper cups? Why not include your own sporting moto on to the cup? What values did the winner show?

I wonder who the winner will be?


Find out about the history of the Olympic Rings in the resource below. Why are they the colours they are?

Can you design your own Olympic rings? What colour would they be? Why those colours?

The charity Inspire + held their annual ‘Mini Olympics’ as a virtual event last week. Take a look at the ambassador videos and more ideas on fun activities by clicking here.

The Olympics and Paralympics bring countries from around the world together to take part in competitive sport.

Let’s have a cool down and enjoy a story at the same time. Have a go at some Cosmic yoga with Mr Hoppitt the hare. Follow the link to find out more. Don’t forget to breathe and stretch carefully.


We love sport and physical activity at Barrowby and whether you are at school or at home we want you to be involved. We’d love to hear from you and see your pictures from your active week and celebrate all of your achievements together.

Have a great time!

On Your Marks, Get Set….GO!