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Science - Our Bodies During Exercise


When we exercise our bodies react to what we are doing.

Think about the last time you did some exercise or played sport. How did you feel? Did you get hot? Were you thirsty? Did you sweat? Did it depend on the type of exercise you were doing?


Take a look at the Joe Wicks / Children in Need slides and then write some sentences why exercise is good for our bodies.

Download the 'Our Bodies During Exercise' sheet, read the statement for each picture and then tick and colour the correct one. When you have done them all, you could draw and write some of your own.

Geography - Your World


Millions of people across the world live in capital cities but how similar are these cities? Watch the clip of the the two children living in London and Tokyo and think how the cities are the same and how they are different.

Write down the similarities and differences that you notice.

If you need to, you can always pause it or watch it more than once.


Some things to look for:

  • Buildings - are they tall and built up high?
  • Do people live in similar or different houses?
  • Transport - how do people move around the city?
  • Streets - do they look similar?
  • Food - do they eat the same food?
  • Landmarks - are they different?
  • Do they have rivers?
  • What are the schools like?
  • Are they by the coast?


 Would like to live in London or Tokyo.


Art - Movement


All sports involve some movement. Some sports need more movement that others and art can capture even the smallest movement. How many sports can you think of? Which needs the most movement and which needs the least movement? Which ones do you play?


For art this week pick a sport that you like and create a picture showing the movement taking place. To give you some ideas of what you could do, have a look at the superb pictures on the slides. You can use any method of creating your masterpiece! We would love to see your finished pictures - please email any you would like to share.

Sculpture - make a sporting figure


Look at the slides of different sculptures of figures (people) and then have a try yourself. You can do any sport you want and you don't have to stop at 1 figure. Maybe you could make two rowers in a boat or a horse and it's rider. The choice is yours!

Science / D&T


Have you ever had a packed lunch?

Did it have healthy food in it?

What were the different types of food in it?

This is your chance to make up your very own packed lunch by making some healthy food choices from a selection. You may not be able to eat it as it is paper, but you can write the names next to the food in your lunchbox. Then write or tell someone why your lunch is healthy.

Look at Keeping Healthy first to give you ideas and explain the importance of eating well.

History - Sports equipment old and new


Every time we play a sport we need to use some equipment.

What sports do you play? What do you need to play it?

Equipment has changed in many ways over time. Look at the pictures of old and new sports equipment and write down what they are both like.